Lush Sikkim Girls Body Lotion


Ed’s note: Even though we were given this at the Lush Christmas blogger event, our reviews are honest opinions. We don’t believe in sugar coating unless it’s on our food. Our guinea pig today is our awesome contributor, Andrea Reitano.

I’ve been on the lookout for an everyday, light, cruelty-free moisturiser. Body butters don’t have the same results in summer as they do winter. In winter they make my skin feel nourished and revitalised, but in summer they don’t absorb as well because of the heat and I wind up feeling slick and greasy.  I’ve loved all the Lush lotions Emma has thrown my way so far, so I was excited to try out another bestseller.

Brand/product: Sikkim Girls Body Lotion by Lush. Lush says, “Jasmine flowers infused with vanilla pods and Darjeeling tea creates the soothing base. Unpreserved and beautifully rich, creamy butters and hemp oil nourish your skin while Tuberose, Jasmine and Frangipani essential oils entice others closer.  A sexy, nourishing cream that will leave you feeling seduced after the bath or shower.”

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