Sunday Style Icon: Michelle Obama


A few weeks ago I started my new column. In my Marilyn mania I didn’t really think the whole thing through. I briefly mentioned that Ms Monroe wore fur but when it came time to choose my next style icon I was shocked at how many modern-day celebs are now wearing fur. I might have given the late Monroe a pass but the buck stops there. No peeps who wear fur will feature on this blog.

So how stoked was I to discover that Michelle Obama has sworn to never wear fur. And she’s also an animal lover who adores her dog, Bo. Awwwww.

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Sunday Style Icon: Queen


“I’d rather be remembered for saving animals.”

“I am dedicated to the welfare of animals.”

– Brain May, guitarist from Queen

In honour of the long weekend, today’s style icon is about Queen – the band, not the monarch.

Queen’s frontrunner, the late Freddie Mercury, referred to the group as, “the most preposterous band that’s ever lived.” Preposterous? Maybe. Flamboyant? Hell yeah.

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