Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar


Ed’s note: Even though we were given this at the Lush Christmas blogger event, our reviews are honest opinions. We don’t believe in sugar coating unless it’s on our food. Our guinea pig today is our awesome contributor, Andrea Reitano.

So Christmas has come and gone (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all) and with the festive season came the Limited Edition Christmas range products from Lush. It’s disappointing some of these products aren’t available all year round, but you still have time to make a quick pit stop and pick up the last of these babies – and best of all, they’re half off! These are two of my personal favourites.

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Lush – The Olive Branch Shower Gel


Why we love it: This product is vegan which is always a great addition to being cruelty free.

The Olive Branch lathers well and smells good. Although, I would say it’s more of a perfumed smell rather than an essential-oil smell.

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