Maniday: Price Smackdown

nail police price smackdown

I’ve been known to joke that a nail polish collection is a poor girl’s fetish. We’re too broke for frequent trips to the salon and there’s no way we could afford a collection of designer shoes or handbags. So instead we treat ourselves to varnish. Well, according to a Time Magazine article published earlier this year that philosophy goes even further with the journalist suggesting that nail polish sales (along with cheap booze) go up during recession and times of economic crises. It got me thinking about nail polish and which cruelty-free brands are giving us the best bang for our buck.

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Maniday: Natio – Little Treasures Part IV


I caved! I wrote another Little Treasures post. Those tiny little bottles have some kind of wicked spell on me.

We’ve now managed to review 13 of the 23 colours. Will there be a Natio Little Treasures Part V or is this just getting silly?

Price: I found these three colours on sale at Ashfield Priceline for $2.97. Otherwise you can spend $5.95 in David Jones, Myer or online.

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Maniday: Mode Cosmetics – Party Girl


On December 5th Pantone selected emerald as 2013’s colour of the year. I’ve banned myself from buying anymore nail polish – at least until I’ve reviewed all the ones I own – but one shade I’ve been desperate to try is emerald. Emerald is HUGE right now. It’s so huge it has to duck through doorways and take the exit seats when flying. Well it was huge. It’s been around for over three months now, aged a bit and without realising developed a slight stoop. But it’s still pretty bloody big.

Pantone Colour of the Year

Pantone Colour of the Year

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Maniday: Australia Day nails

Emma Salkild's pic of a Coopers Beer and Gold nail polish for Australia Day

Gold glitter nail polish and a schooner of Coopers

I feel conflicted when it comes to Australia Day. While I’m not one to complain about a public holiday and spending time with my loved ones, there’s definitely an apprehension when it comes to celebrating an event that is also known as “invasion day”. Continue reading