Face of Australia – Massage Therapy Lip Shine


We’re coming into dangerous gloss-wearing weather. A wind might mean hair getting stuck to your mouth. But if you’re willing to risk it or if you’re rocking an up-do then boy, do I have the gloss for you.

Brand/Product: Face of Australia’s Massage Therapy Mineral Enriched Lip Shine in Torquay.

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Embracing Thin Lips


A few of my favourite lipsticks

Browsing through the search referrers for my blog can be riveting – seriously. It’s interesting to see what terms people have googled before finding us. There are random ones (what shampoo does Dave Navarro use?) and kinky ones (long nail porn). But one recurring search I’ve noticed is about wearing lipstick on thin lips.

My first post for My Fair Lipstick was called How To Wear Bright Lipstick on Thin Lips and thanks to google search is now our third most-read article. I spoke about my lipstick phobia and how Fox in Flats and her style dare brought me out of my lipstick shell. But shortly after I hit publish I went back into hiding. Where did my confidence go?

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Australis Pout Paste

Australis Pout Paste

Left to right: Pash Me Pink, Love Bites, Berry Nice Kiss

A few weeks ago a little surprise came in the mail. My response was:

Was it a lipstick? Was it a lip gloss? No, it was super paste. Or should I say, a super stain? Whatever it was, this was one beauty item that needed a thorough going over. So I put on my thinking cap to work out who is the biggest lipstick junkie I know. Who could really get into the nitty, gritty of reviewing this lip product?

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