Easter Make-Up Looks

Kate looking all cute and Eastery

Kate looking all cute and Eastery

I’m calling it – Easter is the most laid-back of holidays. Sure, it’s centred around food but it’s all pretty low key  – rip open a bag of chocolate eggs or grab some hot cross buns and voilà – Easter is celebrated. Anzac Day means baking biscuits, Australia Day requires pavlova and/or lamingtons, and Christmas .. well, let’s not even think about it before I have a panic attack about how much there is to organise.

Easter is a time to veg out. We might get festive with our hair and make-up for New Year’s and Christmas but this particular holiday means pulling out the drawstring trackies and floppy t-shirts. Then let the gorging begin….

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Australis intesifeye quad in You Beauty

Have you ever bought one of those multi-coloured shadow palettes thinking of all the possibilities before realising only a quarter of it suits you? That’s the story of me and the Intesifeye Quad eye shadow in You Beauty by Australis.

I just don’t need fifty shades of pink. And it doesn’t take a genius to see that I only like baby pink on my lids- anything slightly darker on me and I look like I have an infection or pink eye.


Emma Salkild's valentine's day looks with Australis intensifeye quad eye shadow in you beauty

Is this the worse beauty blog image you’ve ever seen?

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It’s FABruary

Style Dares. Have you heard of them? It all started when blogger Fox In Flats dared her readers to wear red lipstick every day for a week. It went gangbusters. Now people from all around the world are chomping at the bit to be taken outside their comfort zones. I’ve been doing them for a while now and lemme tell ya it’s a lot of fun. The support you get is unbelievable. Strangers liking your posts and leaving flattering comments can be a much-needed ego boost, particularly for those of us who have been stuck in a style rut.  Continue reading