Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara – Brown


Brand/Colour/Price: Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara in Brown. It costs $19.95 from Myer, Priceline or shop online.

I’m so pregnant right now, as in only-six-sleeps-away-from-my-frikkin-due-date pregnant. For weeks and weeks now I’ve been feeling crap. I’m both restless and tired, hungry and nauseated, grouchy and excited. Most the time I just feel like this:

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Maniday: Price Smackdown

nail police price smackdown

I’ve been known to joke that a nail polish collection is a poor girl’s fetish. We’re too broke for frequent trips to the salon and there’s no way we could afford a collection of designer shoes or handbags. So instead we treat ourselves to varnish. Well, according to a Time Magazine article published earlier this year that philosophy goes even further with the journalist suggesting that nail polish sales (along with cheap booze) go up during recession and times of economic crises. It got me thinking about nail polish and which cruelty-free brands are giving us the best bang for our buck.

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Mascara Smackdown


Ed’s note: A few months ago I was asked to recommend a mascara that would make eyelashes look really big. After contacting some lovely beauty companies they sent us a stack of mascaras to try. I enlisted the help of two sisters Chloe and Lily to see what they thought and most importantly, what was the most volumising. Here’s what they had to say:


Chloe’s Favourite

Brand/Product: Australis Multi Mega Lash in Black.

Price: $12.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or shop online.

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Innoxa – Pure Mineral Loose Foundation


Ed’s note: Today’s post comes from our contributor Andrea Reitano.

I’m one of those people who abuse the snooze button. So my chances of making it to work on time are slim if I want to start the long lasting, liquid foundation charade. My solution to the problem has always been a loose powder. Innoxa has won my heart and been so good to me over the years when choosing those precious moments of extra sleep.

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How I Became A Red Lipstick Lesbian

Alex red lips

Ed’s note: Today’s guest post is brought to you by the lovely Alex Harmon.

I’d always considered myself a lipstick lesbian. That was until the editor of My Fair Lipstick asked me to shoot over some photos of myself wearing lipstick for the website. I was stumped. I didn’t have any photos with painted lips because I don’t actually wear lipstick. I’ve never owned any either. At best, on a special occasion, you might see me sporting some of my girlfriend’s lip gloss. It’s pink and tastes good. That’s the extent of my knowledge.

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Embracing Thin Lips


A few of my favourite lipsticks

Browsing through the search referrers for my blog can be riveting – seriously. It’s interesting to see what terms people have googled before finding us. There are random ones (what shampoo does Dave Navarro use?) and kinky ones (long nail porn). But one recurring search I’ve noticed is about wearing lipstick on thin lips.

My first post for My Fair Lipstick was called How To Wear Bright Lipstick on Thin Lips and thanks to google search is now our third most-read article. I spoke about my lipstick phobia and how Fox in Flats and her style dare brought me out of my lipstick shell. But shortly after I hit publish I went back into hiding. Where did my confidence go?

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