Sukin Protein Hair Treatment


I have put my hair through the ringer by using straightners, curling wands, and a bijillion products. The very least I could do is use a decent hair treatment.

Let’s be honest, once a week doesn’t happen. Twice a month is more likely. So I need something uber nourishing with more protein in it than a body builder’s breakfast shake.

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Natio – Moisturising lip balm

Emma Salkild's review of Natio lip balm on My Fair Lipstick

It’s not the most exciting beauty item one can purchase, but lip balm is probably a must-have for the majority of us. The heat and air-conditioning can wreak havoc on our lips in summer, while the winter wind is the arch-nemesis.

I use lip balm – a lot. Reviewing it was harder than I expected because I’ve always had multiple lip balms on the go. You’ll find them scattered around, next to my bed, at my desk, in my handbag … I’ve even found one nestled in the pocket of last year’s winter coat. And usually they’re different types and brands, making it tricky to narrow down the good from the bad.

Not anymore. It’s time to scrutinise …

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