Dallas Buyers Club wins Oscar for Best Makeup

Robin Matthews wins for dallas-buyers-club

Robin Matthews has nabbed the Oscar for best makeup. Turning healthy Hollywood stars into dying AIDS carriers sounds intense to say the least. But on top of all that she was working on a $250 budget.

During her acceptance speech she thanked Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey “for letting us transform and torture you”. She also said, “For all the victims of AIDS, we are honoured and blessed to bring your story to the forefront of the younger generation that doesn’t understand AIDS.”

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Sunday Style Icon: Kristin Bauer


Kristin Bauer van Straten is best known for playing a ruthless bloodsucker on HBO’s True Blood. But in real life she is a huge animal rights activist who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She has worked tirelessly on campaigns to end whaling, rhino poaching and the trade of elephant ivory.

In 2011 she wrote to the EU about their impending deadline for the cosmetic testing ban. “No animal should suffer and die to test lipstick or eye shadow,” she said. “That’s why I’m writing to urge you to keep the European Union on the path to modern, innovative cosmetics testing.”

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Sunday Style Icon: Michelle Obama


A few weeks ago I started my new column. In my Marilyn mania I didn’t really think the whole thing through. I briefly mentioned that Ms Monroe wore fur but when it came time to choose my next style icon I was shocked at how many modern-day celebs are now wearing fur. I might have given the late Monroe a pass but the buck stops there. No peeps who wear fur will feature on this blog.

So how stoked was I to discover that Michelle Obama has sworn to never wear fur. And she’s also an animal lover who adores her dog, Bo. Awwwww.

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Trilogy’s 100% Unretouched Campaign



When I first started this blog a big fear was whether I would be contributing to women’s low self-esteem. I was also worried I’d be called out as not being beautiful enough to write about beauty. It didn’t take long to realise these concerns were silly. Writing or reading about nail polish and moisturiser isn’t the problem – it’s comparing ourselves to an unrealistic ideal.

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Sunday Style: Sassy Women in Film


Earlier this week Pedestrian TV published an article on the top ten powerfully sassy moments of women in film. I’m jumping on the bandwagon and extending the list as part of my Sunday Style column because style isn’t just about how you wear your lipstick or colour your hair. Sometimes it’s about how you flip the bird, fight an army of men, or follow your heart.

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Sunday Style Icon: Queen


“I’d rather be remembered for saving animals.”

“I am dedicated to the welfare of animals.”

– Brain May, guitarist from Queen

In honour of the long weekend, today’s style icon is about Queen – the band, not the monarch.

Queen’s frontrunner, the late Freddie Mercury, referred to the group as, “the most preposterous band that’s ever lived.” Preposterous? Maybe. Flamboyant? Hell yeah.

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