Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara – Brown


Brand/Colour/Price: Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara in Brown. It costs $19.95 from Myer, Priceline or shop online.

I’m so pregnant right now, as in only-six-sleeps-away-from-my-frikkin-due-date pregnant. For weeks and weeks now I’ve been feeling crap. I’m both restless and tired, hungry and nauseated, grouchy and excited. Most the time I just feel like this:

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Lush Ultrabalm

Lush All Purpose Balm, Ultrabalm

Ed’s note: Today’s post comes from our contributor Andrea Reitano.

How many uses can you think of for an all purpose balm? My ingenuity only gave me two ideas, tops. Read ahead to see how wrong I was.

Brand/Product: Lush’s Ultrabalm (Vegan).

Price: $8.95 for 45g. Available in store at Lush or online.

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Mascara Smackdown


Ed’s note: A few months ago I was asked to recommend a mascara that would make eyelashes look really big. After contacting some lovely beauty companies they sent us a stack of mascaras to try. I enlisted the help of two sisters Chloe and Lily to see what they thought and most importantly, what was the most volumising. Here’s what they had to say:


Chloe’s Favourite

Brand/Product: Australis Multi Mega Lash in Black.

Price: $12.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or shop online.

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Five Faves for June

Ed’s note: This post was written by Contributing Editor, Kate Derrick

1) Angels on Bare Skin by Lush. This freshly-made and natural face wash is also a gentle exfoliant.  I’m loving it. It feels great to be using something natural on my skin.

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How To Create The Perfect Vintage Look

Roxy - My Fair Femme Fatale

Ed’s Note: Today’s guest post comes from the gorgeous vintage vixen, Roxy Bourdillon.

My Fair Femme Fatale

1950s-style makeup is classic and flattering, unlike the photo of me without my warpaint. Here’s a beauty guide to help you look retro fabulous.



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