We love the Choose Cruelty Free website, but sometimes their brand list can get a little overwhelming.

So being helpful people we’ve narrowed down their list to our top 15:

Beauty guru Zoe Foster, author of Amazing Face, is a fan of this brand and has raved about their parsley seed facial toner (particularly for dry skin), fabulous face cleanser and parsley seed facial cleansing oil. This international company are not big on social media but you can follow them on Twitter.

You’ve probably seen these products in health food stores and chemists – the elegant and pretty packaging is hard to miss. On beautyheaven their rosehip oil is currently the most reviewed anti-ageing serum and has 5/5 star rating. They are also environmentally aware and you can read up on their sustainability here. A’Kin has its own Facebook page as does Al’chemy.

Australian Organics produce shampoos and conditioners without sulphates and parabens. It also costs under ten bucks. Score!

This Aussie-owned company has a whooping 137,000 likes on Facebook and it’s easy to see why. Readers can expect frequent how-to videos, product updates and competitions. You can also catch them on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. Their products are cheap and cheerful. In particular the vibrant lipsticks and nail polishes are a perfect way to brighten up your day.

It may be a household name in England but unfortunately you can’t buy this brand in Australia. However, we’ve found a loophole – next time you’re shopping at ASOS why not check out their beauty pages? They stock Barry M and have free shipping. It’s an easy way to try an exciting international brand without paying the big bucks. Be one of the 73,000 who like Barry M on Facebook. Or follow them on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or Tumblr.

This gorgeous, Australian-owned company was founded 20 years ago by Barbara Filokostas, a naturopath and herbalist. Botani focuses on natural, gentle products while also supporting the community. For all the olive-lovers out there this brand will be your dream come true. It nails social media and is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Here’s a great vid that introduces some of their products.

An upmarket, award-winning quality hair brand with products that won’t disappoint. If you’re struggling with the idea of skipping your foils at the salon don’t… find a hairdresser that stocks this brand. Many do – including Emma’s hairdresser.

De Lorenzo has an awesome Facebook page with current trends but our favourite is their Monday moments from the past which has featured Cher from Clueless and Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

This Australian-owned business has good quality products at great prices. Their range is huge and it’s easy to go nuts at their Priceline counter. They’re pretty sporadic on Facebook but have a more regularly updated Twitter.

  • Inika (Some products are vegan)

The background story behind this award-winning company is pretty remarkable. When CEO Miranda Bond was diagnosed with endometriosis she started to detox her life. That meant cosmetics with harmful chemicals had to go. What followed was a brand that uses 100% natural, vegan and organic products. Bond fell pregnant within three months of living her life toxin free. Inspirational huh? Follow on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

  • Innoxa (Some products are vegan)

This international company is the oldest running organisation on our list. It was founded in 1920 by a French dermatologist and has been going strong ever since. They’ve got a sleek, elegant look and you can find their products at Myer or Priceline. Follow them on Facebook.

  • Lush (Some products are vegan)

Somehow this huge, worldwide company manages to maintain a small community feel. This English-based organisation is socially and ethically aware. While they may appear like harmless bohemians they’ve actually got a badass streak – take a look at them dumping a truckload of sh*t outside European Parliament in protest of animal testing. Follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Moogoo (Some products are vegan)

The face of Moogoo is the best we’ve seen yet – a very cute cow. This Australian business is not only stocked in 1300 chemists and health food stores nationwide but internationally as well. We also love how green they are – their products are made from recycled packaging on a carbon neutral estate which is run by solar power and rain tanks. Be one of the 15,000 to follow them on Facebook.

  • Natio (Some products are vegan)

The ancient name for Goddess of Nature is Natio. With products like theirs it’s easy to become a modern-day goddess. Natio is another great Australian-owned company that focuses on natural and plant-based ingredients. It’s probably the most accessible cruelty-free brand you will find. Just walk into a Myer, David Jones, Priceline or Discount Chemist not to mention the countless pharmacies. Follow them on Facebook or join their mailing list.

Best tagline award goes to Sukin with “skincare that doesn’t cost the earth.” This environmentally-aware and reasonably-priced Aussie company stocks 50 products. They’re free of all the nasties including Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, artificial colours, mineral oils and parabens. For more info check out their FacebookTwitter and Pinterest accounts.

  • Trilogy (Some products are vegan)

Here’s another interesting story behind a company’s start-up. Two sisters, who grew up on an avocado orchard, go their separate ways (living in different hemispheres) only to reunite and create cosmetics with ethical sourcing, environmentally-friendly packaging and biodegradable components. Nawwww. You gotta love family-run businesses.

They’ve also pledged to only use untouched photos in their advertising – amazing! Keep updated with all their news  via Facebook, TwitterPinterest and Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Brands

  1. Hey, thanks for this awesome list of cruelty free products. Are these products also natural and free of talcs, parabens, mineral oils etc. In know some are, but haven’t personally checked every brand. I wonder if you have?

    • Glad you liked the list Kylie. This is a great question and if it is something that is a main concern for our readers then I can definitely revise the list. Our first priority is promoting cruelty-free but we always aim to disclose in our reviews whether a brand or product is free from parabens, nasty toxins etc. Some brands do a mix. For example, Natures Organics whose Organic Care hair range is SLS free but their Spa Sensations shower gel isn’t – so in our latest review we made sure to mention this. Are there any brands in particular you are interested in?

      • Thanks Emma, hmm, I have found a few that I use, Generally I have a mix between Akin, Sukin, Miessence and organic rosehip oil & coconut oil, but I would be interested in any other brands you would recommend. I don’t have time to look and compare them.

      • Okay, cool. I’ll have a think and get back to you.

        Yes, Akin and Sukin are great. Alchemy (part of Akin), Trilogy and Lush are also good, paraben-free choices. And I think Moogoo is too.

        Unfortunately Miessence is not accredited with Choose Cruelty Free. We do not review any brands that are involved with animal testing so until they become accredited we can’t check out their products unfortunately.

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