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Welcome to My Fair Lipstick – a blog about cruelty-free beauty.

Whether you’re an animal lover or just interested in finding some new beauty items, we want to help you discover easily accessible, ethical products. Stores like Myer, David Jones, Priceline and Chemist Warehouse stock cruelty free. Otherwise, there’s always ordering online so you can shop from the couch.

About the Team

Founder/Editor: Emma is a freelance writer with a Masters in Creative Writing. You can check out more of her writing on her website.

All I'm wearing on my skin is the blush here. Gives a natural glow.

Emma Salkild – queen of the selfies

Founder/Contributor: Kate is a nurse in an emergency ward with a Bachelor of Science. She can’t stop rescuing animals and is currently the proud owner of a dog, fish and four cats.

Kate Derrick – image by Blair Rasmussen

Why buy cruelty free?

Cosmetic testing is illegal in Australia. And England. And the rest of Europe. Big corporations use other countries to test on animals before bringing their products into our stores. We smell a rat – and it’s dead!

What happens in animal testing? Our furry friend gets a section of its fur shaved off. The testers whack on the product, cover it with gauze and repeat over and over and over again. Once the tests are done they kill them. ALWAYS!

But surely animals have different genetics to us?

Did you know that rabbits have three eyelids? THREE. If we’re going to have eyeliner tested surely it should be on something with two eyelids like a uni student. Just give them $50 and a pizza and Bob’s your uncle.

Better still, the way the future is going they will be able to do tests on robots that mirror our exact genetic make-up.

In the meanwhile, would it be so bad if we used products we already know won’t cause an allergic reaction? We don’t need new and improved, let’s just stick to the ingredients that are already deemed to be safe.

Forgive and Forget

What would happen if the whole world stopped buying animal-tested products for a year? Companies would be forced to become accredited with Australia’s Choose Cruelty Free.

Here at our blog we forgive and forget. As soon as the companies do this we will support them (we found saying goodbye to OPI nail polish particularly hard – hurry up Coty Inc.) but until then we can’t buy any brands that are associated with cosmetic testing. Unfortunately that even includes The Body Shop who is owned by L’Oreal.


In the end, it comes down to perspective. It’s understandable that sometimes we need a little pick-me-up and buying a beauty product does that. But it’s easy to forget that something has died to bring it to you. If every time you walked into your favourite department store or pharmacy to buy mascara the salesperson had to test it out on a bunny in front of you by repeatedly poking its eye and then eventually killing it, you’d probably walk two metres to the cruelty-free alternative. It can be easy and we are going to help show you how.


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