Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara – Brown


Brand/Colour/Price: Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara in Brown. It costs $19.95 from Myer, Priceline or shop online.

I’m so pregnant right now, as in only-six-sleeps-away-from-my-frikkin-due-date pregnant. For weeks and weeks now I’ve been feeling crap. I’m both restless and tired, hungry and nauseated, grouchy and excited. Most the time I just feel like this:

To get organised I wrote a list of things I need to pack in my hospital bag. I know makeup shouldn’t be a priority when introducing a brand new human into the world, but you know what happens when you pop out a rug rat? People want to see you … ASAP. And that’s lovely. I like visitors. The thing is, visitors also want to take pictures of you holding the baby. Looking at photos from the days and weeks after my son was born brings me so much joy. So while makeup might not be on the forefront of my mind, it’s definitely lingering around in my brain whispering, “A tinted moisturiser and maybe some blush and a mascara wouldn’t go astray.”

Mascara on left eye, no mascara on right

Mascara on left eye, no mascara on right

I did discover a mascara a few weeks ago that is so amazing that when I wore it my partner asked me if I was wearing false lashes. No, it’s not the one I am reviewing right now… sorry to be a tease. I promise I will review it dear readers, because I want to share the love. Anyway, the reason I’m not packing that mascara? Because big glam lashes seems a bit OTT when I’ll probably be sitting in a hospital bed post birth snuggling my baby thinking, “I can’t believe how much overwhelming love I have for someone who just put me through metaphorical (or hell, let’s just say ‘literal’) torture.”

photo 2

Verdict: Firstly, let’s talk colour. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover brown mascara. It complements my skin tone and hair colour. While I will still wear my black mascara at night, I love brown mascara for daytime.

I actually have already reviewed Innoxa Perfect Lash Mascara. It was the first mascara I wrote about back in April 2013. Since then My Fair Lipstick has covered eight mascaras and I haven’t bought the same mascara twice – until now. And you know what? After a year of mascara trials my thoughts on Perfect Lash haven’t changed that much. I stick by what I originally said about the no clumping. It coats well and accentuates individual lashes. But I have noticed that it does smudge if I use it on my bottom lashes. Brown patches under my eyes just make me look more tired. It’s also harder to get off than the tubing mascara I’m hooked on (stay tuned for the review of my favourite mascara ever).

So I’m on the fence about this mascara. I love the colour but I wonder if I can find a better a formula.

Have you tried brown mascara? What did you think?

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