Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel and Candy Mountain Bubble Bar


Ed’s note: Even though we were given this at the Lush Christmas blogger event, our reviews are honest opinions. We don’t believe in sugar coating unless it’s on our food. Our guinea pig today is our awesome contributor, Andrea Reitano.

So Christmas has come and gone (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all) and with the festive season came the Limited Edition Christmas range products from Lush. It’s disappointing some of these products aren’t available all year round, but you still have time to make a quick pit stop and pick up the last of these babies – and best of all, they’re half off! These are two of my personal favourites.


Product: Candy Mountain is a bubble bar that smells like fairy floss and vanilla. What Lush says, “Candy Mountain creates mounds of fluffy, fragrant, pearly white bubbles with a drift of pink. Crumble in your bath for a sugar sweet treat you won’t feel an ounce of guilt for indulging in!”

Price: Usually $6.50 but currently reduced to $3.25. Snap one up instore, or wait until October until it comes out again.

xmas 6

Pinky goodness

Verdict: This is definitely the product I’ve had the most fun with that Emma has sent my way. I was eager to soak off the Thursday late night shopping shift at work, and used the entirety of the bar in one sitting. I regret nothing. The bubbles that fizzed from Candy Mountain filled my bath to the brim, and lasted much longer than regular bubble bath. I got to soak in the fluffy bubbles (and maybe make a few bubble beards) for about half an hour before they deflated.

This is how I picture Andrea in her Lush bath … but with a bubble beard

It turns the water a gorgeous bubblegum pink. And most importantly, after departing that little pool of heaven the sweet scent of fairy floss and vanilla lingers for hours.


Product: Snow Fairy is a vegan shower gel with a musky scent that smells like fairy floss and pear.

Price: Reduced to $8.25 for a 250g bottle. Sold out online, but I have spotted a couple in stores.

Verdict: This is a product you buy purely for the smell and the fact it sparkles. It works best if you save it for a sucky day because it’s only available once a year. It’s very similar to Candy Mountain in smell, but A LOT stronger. Unless you soak in it, the scent won’t last as long. If you don’t want to smell like a meringue probably avoid Snow Fairy.

This is what a real snow fairy looks like.

This is what a real snow fairy looks like

While Lush suggests it’s perfectly okay to wash your hair with it, that’s something I personally advise against. It left my hair dry and my curls frizzed out a lot more than usual. Definitely best results come from using it as a body wash.

Ed’s note: Andrea Reitano is a Communications student, computer whizz and ice-cream connoisseur who spends her spare time studying Grade 7 piano. That’s what I call one talented lass. Follow her on Twitter.

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