Maniday: Christmas Nails

Now we are into December I feel it’s an acceptable time to start talking Christmas. You might not be the type to wear flashing bauble earrings or reindeer jumpers but you can easily get into the Christmas spirit with a swipe of nail polish. Here’s some inspiration:



A red mani suits everyone and every season. It’s a perfect balance of being festive with style.

Experiment with different shades. If you’re having a white Christmas this year why not pick a darker red like Natio’s Crimson? Not only will it bring out your inner vixen, but it also has a bit of shimmer for some added Christmas cheer. Apply two coats for a strong opaque colour.

Or maybe you are doing the reverse and going somewhere stinking hot this Christmas. If you are I’m jealous – although I’ll be by the beach on the Central Coast so I really can’t complain. Anyway, you could try Coral. The orange tone makes it a perfect shade for summer.

I asked our readers on Instagram and Facebook yesterday for their favourite colour out of the four pictured above. Natio’s Scarlett was the most popular. This is a classic red colour that can be worn all year round.

My favourite, however, is Valentine by Australis. I bought it around the same time that my mother-in-law gave me Scarlett (December 2012) and the Australis one has aged better. Also it only needs one coat (but I always do two coats anyway – old habits and so on).



Mode Cosmetics sent me two green nail polish earlier this year. If you’re umming and ahhing about whether or not green nails are for you, Mode is a great place to start. It only costs $2.45 per bottle which you can buy online from the Heritage Brands website. I found that Mode Cosmetics achieves a smooth opaque colour that lasts for five days – not bad for two-fiddy.

Cool As is a softer minty green whereas Party Girl (my fave) is a bright emerald colour that would suit a red lip. When I wear Party Girl I get so many compliments. It really is a winner.

Gold Glitter Top Coat

I was up to Day 6 of wearing Australis Valentine when I got some chips. Luckily Australis Eureka glitter top coat made it look as good as new. Play around with glitter polish by adding to the tops or bottoms of the nails. Or you can coat the entire nail. Personally I prefer a gradient effect.


Eureka by Australis over Natio’s Lemon


Glitter gradient


Do you like the glitter at the top, bottom or all over?

Mix and Match

Can’t decide whether to go green, red or gold? Why not add them all together in one mani?

From left to right: Cool As, Party Girl, Valentine with Eureka top coat, Scarlett

From left to right: Cool As, Party Girl, Valentine with Eureka glitter top coat, Scarlett

What mani do you like the best? And how do you get festive during Silly Season?

4 thoughts on “Maniday: Christmas Nails

    • So glad you liked it. Yeah I was tossing up between whether glitter on top or bottom was my favourite. But putting glitter on top is a great tip for if you have a chipped nail and want to extend the life of you mani 🙂

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