How A Fox Helped Me Find My Mojo

The Fox in Flats red lipstick dare

The Fox in Flats red lipstick dare

The only reason I have ever bought red lipstick is because Fox in Flats dared me. Although I sat out the first two she organised because there’s a “rule” that thin-lipped people should stick to gloss. But when the 2012 DAREcember came along last year all my preconceived ideas changed.

By the end of 2012 I had an 11 month old and was still carrying an extra seven kilos of weight. It was as though the old Emma had vanished and been replaced with the a mother-version of Emma. It was quite a conflicting time. I love my son more than anything and still count that year as the best of my life, but I felt awkward in my body.

In one year I had gone through two operations under general anaesthetic (for different reasons but both involving my nether regions), my breasts swelled up like rockmelons and would spray warm milk for metres, I had multiple pap smears and colposcopies, precancerous cells were obliterated from my cervix by an actual laser beam and I was taking iron tablets due to losing copious amounts of blood. Even though I was blissfully happy with my new life, I never felt youthful or pretty or glamorous.

My girly dresses and cute heels gathered dust while I lived in cheap jeans and hand-me-down tops with the mentality that it was more practical for the playground. But when I committed to the DAREcember challenge I started to feel good about myself again. I went to op shops and picked out fun but practical items of clothing or browsed for bargains online at ASOS. It was also around the time I decided to start this blog which gave me an identity outside of motherhood.

Gradually I began to negotiate taking care of a happy but very messy child while still feeling pretty and youthful. So I went to Priceline and spent about $60 on cosmetics. I bought two lipsticks in fuchsia and red (I hadn’t purchased a lipstick in 17 years) with matching lipliners, a few colourful nail polishes and some liquid liner. I was set for Day One of DAREcember, the fuchsia lipstick dare which inspired my post How To Wear Bright Lipstick on Thin Lips and Day 25 red lipstick dare for Christmas.

The colourful lipsticks and nail polish really helped lift my spirits. I felt girly but it was something that would comfortably fit into my new lifestyle. But one of the most important changes I made was cutting myself some slack. That meant embracing my thin lips. I haven’t looked back. Thanks Ms Fox for helping me find my mojo. 

What I wore for the red lipstick dare

My two favourite red lipsticks right now are Natio’s Ruby from their lip colour range and Innoxa’s Cherry from their classic colour range. I find the colour really suits my skin tone. Both are available from Myer, Priceline and selected pharmacies and cost $14.95. Even though I like the Innoxa colour slightly more, overall I prefer Natio as a lipstick. It lasted longer and didn’t smudge or bleed as much as Innoxa.

PicFrame (4)

  • Day One I wore Natio’s Ruby lipstick by itself.
  • Day Two I wore Ruby with Face of Australia’s Nude Lipliner from their Mechanical range ($7.45).
  • Day Three I wore Ruby with Australis Kiss Me Quick Lipliner $8.95.

PicFrame (5)

  • Day 4 I wore Innoxa’s Cherry.
  • Day 5 I started the day with Ruby. Even though I swore I wouldn’t buy another red lip product I cracked and bought a Natio Colour Creme Gloss in Alive. This is a new product and I’ve been so happy with it I want to buy more colours. I layered it over my Ruby lipstick and went out for dinner.
Natio Colour Creme Gloss in Alive

Natio Colour Creme Gloss in Alive

  • Day 6 – I wore Alive Creme Gloss by itself.
  • Day 7 – I wore the gloss layered over Natio’s Ruby lipstick again.

What an experience. It feels a bit weird to go sans lippy now. Although I’m sure I’ll be digging out the lipsticks again for 2013 DAREcember.

What’s your favourite red lipstick? And did you do the red lipstick dare? Tell us in the comments below. 

For more cruelty-free red lipstick reviews check out our posts on Cha Cha and Jitterbug by Australis or Lush’s A Million Kisses Lip Tint and Emotional Brilliance Lipstick in Strong.

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