Lush Cosmetic Lad

Lush Cosmetic Lad

In the days before this blog I used QV or Cetaphil on my sensitive skin, but I’ve been keen to find a moisturiser accredited with Choose Cruelty Free. First off I tried Moogoo  – it stung. When Sukin’s sensitive skin range came out I snapped up their moisturiser only to be disappointed with that too. I dabbled in coconut oil but it does leave a bit of a sheen. I had almost given up until …

Brand/Product: Lush’s Cosmetic Lad Moisturiser. It can also be used as after-sun, shaving balm and hair cream.

Price: $27.95 for 45 grams from Lush stores or online. I’ve been using it twice a day for nearly a month now and am about halfway through.

Lush Cosmetic Lad

Ingredients: Uses goodies such as organic aloe vera gel, cocoa butter and almond oil.  However, I know some readers are not keen on parabens and it does contain propylparaben. This is what Lush has to say on the ingredient. “[Parabens] are used globally and are permitted by every world health authority (500 independent safety studies have been carried out over the decades) … We use less than half the maximum permitted level to ensure the product is as mild as possible and the skin’s natural microflora is not affected. This low level of use also helps with the bio-degradability of our product and any waste material created during manufacture.”

Lush Cosmetic Lad

Verdict (Yay or Nay): Finally I’ve found a cruelty-free moisturiser that is gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

This is me after discovering Cosmetic Lad

Cosmetic Lad was recommended to me by the manager of the QVB store at a Lush Blogger Event. Even though I was thrilled when it arrived, it ended up sitting in my bathroom cupboard for three months. I felt like it was going to let me down like all the others. BUT IT DIDN’T. I’ve been using it for a month without any burning, stinging or dryness. In fact, the skin on my face hasn’t felt this soft in years and that’s saying something considering I’m pregnant which tends to dry out your skin.

Lush Cosmetic Lad

It has a thick, creamy consistency that absorbs into the skin really easily. I was also a bit cautious about the perfume but it’s quite a soft, subtle scent that reminds me of vanilla and oranges.

YAY! I’m in love with this super soft and hydrating moisturiser.

Note: This isn’t a product just for the boys. Originally it was going to be called Cosmetic Land but there was a typo on the first batch of pots and the rest is history. It was also sent to us for free by Lush but my review, as always, is an honest opinion. No sugar coating at My Fair Lipstick. 

After more moisturiser reviews? Check out Kate’s post on Natio Ageless Daily Moisturiser. Or I sometimes use rosehip oil by Trilogy or Sukin as a moisturiser.

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