Maniday: Face of Australia – Cool Cotton

Face of Australia Cool Cotton White manicure

Face of Australia’s Cool Cotton

In the past year white manicures have been spotted on the catwalk and on celebrities. It can look stylish and fun so I was keen to try this trend, especially now summer is upon us. The only problem? I am paranoid about looking like the kid bored in class who went nuts with the liquid paper.

Remember painting your fingers with this at school?

Remember painting your fingers with this?

It’s hard to come across cruelty-free white polishes. So I was thrilled to see that Face of Australia has one.

The hardest item I've every had to photograph

The hardest item I’ve every had to photograph

Brand/Product Face of Australia Cool Cotton nail polish from their Colour Pro Enamel range.

Cost: $6.95 from Kmart, Big W and Priceline.

stylish white nail polish

This was the look I was going for

Gwen makes everything look fresh and fun

Verdict (Yay or Nay): FOA enamel is Australian-owned (yay), free from nasty chemicals and quick drying. But unfortunately, like Scream, Cool Cotton comes out streaky making it look more like liquid paper and less like a stylish opaque mani.

It’s also meant to be 3-in-1 without needing a base or top coat but I find if I don’t use Natio top coat it gets scratched.

Scratches easily without a top coat

Did I use nail polish or white out?

I haven’t had much luck with FOA nail polish although I do use their nail polish remover. Our contributor Kate loves the colour Show Off and FOA has just released the Carnival range so maybe I should see if it’s a case of third time lucky. I’m afraid in the meantime this gets a big old NAY.

Have you tried a white mani before? How did it turn out?

One thought on “Maniday: Face of Australia – Cool Cotton

  1. I’m always afraid of the tipex look! But I’ve been wearing a white mani the last few days, 2 coats, creme, opaque and not TIPEX ; ) So, sometimes it works. Sometimes, fail. Been there. : )

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