Favourite Products For Healthy Hair


Unfortunately this is not my hair

“Wow, your hair is in such good condition.”

I never expected to hear this. My hair is fine, long, dyed blonde and is subjected to the ocean and chlorinated pools. There was also a time when I was living in England and the hairdressers there bleached the living daylights out of it so I’ve been in recovery for a while.

When I had bleached, damaged hair

When I had bleached, damaged hair

My new(ish) hairdresser Eva in Leichhardt’s Bellezza Hair Salon has been colouring and trimming my hair for 18 months now.  In the past I have walked away from countless salons in tears. However, I am relieved to say I am always thrilled with her work. Still, she’s not one to sugar coat things. So at my visit on Saturday when she squealed in delight over how healthy my hair was, I almost fell off my swivel chair in shock.

Healthier hair

Healthier hair and no bleach

So what have I been doing to finally reach healthy-status? I guess it’s thanks to frequent trims and the products I’ve been using. And maybe those pregnancy hormones have a say in it too. So while I’m not suggesting you go out and get knocked up for healthy hair I’m sharing my current favourite hair products. Coincidentally they are all paraben-free with lovely natural ingredients and the brands are very environmentally-aware. Sweet.

1) Lush Daddy O shampoo (vegan)


2) Lush American Cream conditioner

Lush's American Cream

3) De Lorenzo Extinguish Thermal Protection Spray


4) Sukin’s Protein Hair Treatment (vegan)


5) Lush’s No Drought Dry Shampoo (vegan)

no drought-500x500

As a beauty blogger it’s my duty to keep using new products so I can let y’all know about what works and what doesn’t work. So while I feel like I’ve picked a winner with this combination sadly I’ll be moving on soon.  If you want to see a more thorough review of any of these products let us know in the comments below.

What’s your favourite hair product or DIY hair recipe? 

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