Sunday Style Icon: Kristin Bauer


Kristin Bauer van Straten is best known for playing a ruthless bloodsucker on HBO’s True Blood. But in real life she is a huge animal rights activist who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She has worked tirelessly on campaigns to end whaling, rhino poaching and the trade of elephant ivory.

In 2011 she wrote to the EU about their impending deadline for the cosmetic testing ban. “No animal should suffer and die to test lipstick or eye shadow,” she said. “That’s why I’m writing to urge you to keep the European Union on the path to modern, innovative cosmetics testing.”

She has also been quoted as saying, “I know I don’t want to support or cause another’s suffering. I can’t have that on my soul. So it’s a personal choice.”

Pam from True Blood, Style Icon, Animal Activist

Her True Blood Style

Pam is one of my favourite characters on True Blood. And while Kristen may have a relaxed, pretty style IRL I’m waaaaay more interested in her onscreen persona.

When it comes to this blonde bombshell more is more – big hair, big lips, big lashes and tight leather everywhere.  Not many people (or vamps) could pull off her OTT look but Pam manages to rock it.

Follow her on Twitter for animal updates and other awesomeness.

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