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Ed’s note: Today’s post comes from our contributor Andrea Reitano.

Perfume sprays are underrated. As a regular train commuter, I feel a lot of women should be informed about their benefits. For one, they are lighter than the standard eau du parfum and are much more tolerable for the collective of individuals crammed into a train carriage, side by side, in peak hour. They mightn’t be long lasting, but a quick spritz gives you a feeling of freshness instantly.

Brand/Product: Australis Perfume Sprays.

Scents: Australis gives you the choice of two scents; Wild at Heart or Get your Rocks Off.

Price: $4.95 each from Priceline, pharmacists or online.


Why we love it: The fragrances are light and aren’t overpowering. You have a choice between smelling like a floral bouquet (Wild at Heart) or a fruit basket (Get your Rocks Off). Being a floral fan myself you’d think I’d be biased, but surprisingly it’s the fruity fragrance I favoured.

Australis has bundled lilies, violets and a pinch of mint in a bottle to give us Wild at Heart. The mint gives it a unique scent that takes away the distinct floral smell.


Wild at Heart smells minty

The fruity combination of berries, coconut, mango and apricot make up Get your Rocks off. The coconut scent really stands out from the bundle of fruits and gives it a tropical vibe. Close your eyes, take a whiff, and it takes you to an island in Fiji.


Coconut features in Get Your Rocks Off

Verdict (Yay or Nay): It’s a nay.

Wild at Heart didn’t sit well with me at all. It may have been the mint that put me off. I favoured Get your Rocks off, and while it is likely the bottle will get a few more sprays out of me, I won’t be stocking up once the bottle is finished.

When it comes to fragrances, it’s not always the best to let someone else’s opinion lead you in a certain direction. They always smell different to each individual especially when on the skin. I do encourage you to test each spray out in person, they might be for you!

Ed’s note: These body sprays were sent for editorial consideration.

Andrea Reitano is a Communications student, computer whizz and ice-cream connoisseur who spends her spare time studying Grade 7 piano. That’s what I call one talented lass. Follow her on Twitter.

Andrea Reitano

Andrea Reitano

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