Sunday Style Icon: Michelle Obama


A few weeks ago I started my new column. In my Marilyn mania I didn’t really think the whole thing through. I briefly mentioned that Ms Monroe wore fur but when it came time to choose my next style icon I was shocked at how many modern-day celebs are now wearing fur. I might have given the late Monroe a pass but the buck stops there. No peeps who wear fur will feature on this blog.

So how stoked was I to discover that Michelle Obama has sworn to never wear fur. And she’s also an animal lover who adores her dog, Bo. Awwwww.

Mobama with her dog Bo

Mobama and Bo

What’s her “look”?  

Not since Jackie O have we seen such an effortlessly fashionable FLOTUS.

  • Fit and strong. Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the overused arm puns.
  • While her blunt fringe caused a stir, her trademark hairstyle is a glossy bob.
  • A neat manicure. She may avoid the bright shades but her hues of grey and black are tres chic.

Michelle Obama black nailsOB-UL299_michel_E_20120905220246

Check her out in this Jimmy Fallon video of the evolution of Mom dancing. Even when she is trying to be a dag she still comes across as cool and stylish.

Who’s your style icon? 

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