Face of Australia – Impact-Full Volumising Mascara

Face of Australia impact full mascara

Ed’s note: This post was written by Contributing Editor, Kate Derrick.

Brand/Product: Face of Australia Impact-Full Volumising Mascara.

Colour: Blackest Black.

Price: I bought mine for $11.95 from Priceline. You can also buy it at Kmart, Big W or shop online.

Why We Love It: Face of Australia is Australian owned and very affordable. Check out the great little makeup tips Face of Australia have dotted throughout their website.

Verdict (Yay or Nay): A good mascara is a staple. But off course it has to be cruelty free.

Impact-Full gives length and volume without clumping. It lasts well and isn’t too flakey.

kate with mascara

Kate wearing Impact Full in blackest black

You may have read my review of Australis Lash TLC. So to compare the two, I found after a while the Australis Lash TLC had a build-up of mascara around the top of the bottle which after many uses spilled over the edges. This was a tad annoying as I ended up with smudges of mascara on other makeup products in the drawer. I haven’t had this problem with Impact-Full by Face of Australia. The mascara is well contained.

On the other hand I found the brush for TLC easier to use. TLC has a curved brush which makes the mascara much easier to apply. Impact-Full has a straight brush and I find sometimes I get a bit of mascara on my eyelid.

So which is best? Perhaps they should join forces.

Emma wearing Impact Full in blue black

Emma wearing Impact Full in Blue Black

I would probably choose Impact-Full by Face of Australia for the more volumising look and because it didn’t dot mascara around my makeup drawer. In terms of volume though, like TLC, don’t expect Kim Kardashian eyes. Impact-Full would be great with a curved brush.


Ed’s note: Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming post on the best volumising mascara. We are going to trial a stack of brands. It’s going to be HUGE!

What do you want out of a mascara? Let us know in the comments below. 

2 thoughts on “Face of Australia – Impact-Full Volumising Mascara

  1. I’ve become a tubing mascara convert – I bought the Australis Voluptulash a couple of months ago, and it has changed my life. It adds length and volume without smudging or clumping, and all you need to take it off is lukewarm water and your fingers. Love it!

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