Trilogy’s 100% Unretouched Campaign



When I first started this blog a big fear was whether I would be contributing to women’s low self-esteem. I was also worried I’d be called out as not being beautiful enough to write about beauty. It didn’t take long to realise these concerns were silly. Writing or reading about nail polish and moisturiser isn’t the problem – it’s comparing ourselves to an unrealistic ideal.

The beauty blogging community is made up of all sorts of women from different backgrounds, shapes and sizes. I’ve written about having thin lips and Kate has spoke about her short eyelashes without apologising for it. There’s something really empowering about embracing who you are, warts and all. Maybe the reason why blogs run by “everyday” gals are on the rise is because we can relate to being perfectly imperfect.

What is Trilogy’s Unretouched Campaign?

But even with all this newfound confidence, when looking at adverts or visiting the website’s of some of my favourite brands it’s hard not to feel like the ugly duckling among a team of swans.

Beauty guru Zoe Foster leading the way to a filter free future

Zoe Foster Blake leading the way to a filter free future

I discovered Trilogy’s unretouched campaign via a tweet by beauty guru Zoe Foster Blake. At first I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Was Trilogy really promising to only feature unretouched images of women in its advertising? Without even an Instagram filter? I loved the idea, but what would the world think about it? Well it turns out the public was pretty bloody chuffed with the idea of “honest” advertising. On the day of the launch I became one of 5,000 people to upload a filter free photo in support of the campaign.

This was the photo I uploaded on the day of the launch #nofilter

This was the photo I uploaded on the day of the launch #nofilter

Trilogy has created an exciting and beautiful campaign. Now if only all the other advertisers and beauty companies would follow suit, it would sure help to feel less like the ugly duckling and more like the swan – even one with crow’s feet and sun damage.

Check out all the beautiful unretouched faces from the day.

What do you think about the campaign? Tell us in the comments below. 

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