Product Smackdown: Lipliner – Australis v Natio


I’m going out for dinner tomorrow and I don’t know what to wear – on my face! Actually, I don’t know what to wear on my body but it’s cold outside so probably black or navy. Dark colours make me feel a bit gloomy and unfestive. What better way to add a splash of colour than with a bright lipstick? I’m hoping that this product smackdown will help me decide whether my pout should be red or pink.

Whatever I end up using should have good lasting power. I’ll be eating Mexican and drinking sangria. It’s going to be messy – the lipstick – not my behaviour. Well … anyway, thought I’d trial out two of my lipliners to find out which is the most long lasting.

Liner One – Australis Kiss Me Quick

Late last year I bought the liner Kiss Me Quick for my post on how to wear bright lipstick on thin lips. For this experiment I’ve paired it up with the same lipstick from my last post.

Kiss Me Quick liner and Flamenco lipstick

Colour: There’s a reason I keep coming back to this combo. They’re perfectly matched and the final outcome is exuberant and uplifting.

Liner on left, lippy on right

Liner on left, lippy on right

Price: $8.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W or shop online.

Verdict (yay or nay): It’s not too drying and as long as you sip water carefully this combo lasts for hours. After about three hours (including brunch) it left behind a good stain. I’ve tried liner/lipstick combos before where after a meal you’re left with one line around your mouth. This looks really weird.

The thick chalky texture of the liner makes it really easy to apply and it doesn’t crumble. And at $8.95, it’s great value. Yay!


Three hours later it leaves a good stain even after eating

Liner Two – Natio Scarlett

Colour: I’m more drawn to the bright fuchsia but I think Natio’s Scarlett is a classic colour that will suit many looks. For this experiment I teamed it with Natio’s Ruby lipstick and got two compliments. Well, they were more, ‘wow, you’re wearing red lipstick’ remarks. So funnily enough, for me the red lippy makes more of a statement than hot pink.

Natio Scarlett liner and Ruby lipstick

Liner on left, lippy on right

Price: $13.95 from Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacists and Priceline. Or shop online.

This also had great staying power and left behind a pretty stain. It’s a waxy, crayon-like texture that doesn’t drag on lips.

Natio Scarlett lipliner and ruby lipstick

Three hours later after eating

Verdict: Ah, such a tough decision. These are two great products at bargain prices. I think both liner/lipstick duos would last me through dinner without me having to constantly duck off to reapply in the bathroom.

Natio feels much softer and smoother than Australis, but unfortunately this meant as I was using it the top broke off. It also costs $5 more. So if I was forced to vote – which I am making myself do – I say Australis.

Having said that, I love both of these looks so much and it hasn’t made my decision any easier. What do you think dear readers? Red or pink? And no, I won’t be a bun head or wearing a turban that day.

Image (2)

Red or pink?

What’s your favourite lipliner? Let us know in the comments below. 

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