Overcoming My Fear of Red Lipstick

Ed’s note: Today’s post was written by one of our readers, Anita Samuel.

When browsing for new gloss, I’d always look to lighter colours and never bothered looking at a red. I honestly thought red would age me or make my lips look smaller. I don’t know what started my fear, but I’ve avoided it like the plague since I first dressed these smoochers in cosmetics, and would always opt for nude or pinky glosses. I figured these lighter colours would make my lips seem fuller, more natural and also complement my olive skin.

So one dark and balmy night, when Kate and I were at The Cuban Club sipping on mojitos and listening to the band play (because that’s how we roll), I noticed she was wearing bright red lipstick. She told me that it was awesome and nothing like she’d expected. She said I should throw caution to the wind. I said what the hey, give me go. Why not? What did I honestly have to lose? Until she produced it from her handbag and I refused.

I just couldn’t! What is my lips looked older and thinner? Not in The Cuban Club! Even though it was dark and people were being flung left, right and centre. So, we decided it would happen, just not tonight.

Cue the backdrop of the Hunter Valley – grapes, wine, laughter, loose spirits and frivolity. And the birth of my big, red lips. In conversations leading up to the Lovedale Long Lunch, Kate had excitedly claimed this was the day that I would try Natio’s Flame. So what better place to apply bright, red lipstick for the very first time than on the mini-bus; sitting right up on the back seat, like a 13-year-old schoolgirl trying on makeup for the first time. I must point out that this was prior to redeeming any of my ten wine-tasting vouchers, so I had a winning chance at this.

And, va-voom! Not only did it look awesome, but it felt awesome too! The Natio lipstick glided on super smoothly. The colour was rich and fulfilling, it also wasn’t too bright or over-the-top. Everyone agreed that it was bold and red, but could be worn day-to-day. I liked what I saw and felt so far. But, a) would my lips become as dry as a chip in an hour and b) would I fade out like I’d been pashing too many wine-pourers at the testing tables? Only time would tell.

So in answer to those questions, no and no. The colour stayed quite rich and bright and it wasn’t drying either. I felt it faded naturally with time, eating, drinking and living (not pashing!). And as for my lips? They didn’t look older or smaller at all. I really did like what I saw and everyone complimented me on how it suited the brunette look perfectly.

Anita and Kate wearing Cha Cha by Australis

The verdict (yay or nay): it’s a yay for me! I do honestly love the feel of this lipstick and the colour is perfect. I wore it to lunch with a friend today, who complimented me on it within a few minutes. I’m also planning on wearing it to my job interview next week and beyond!

Ed’s Tips: Check out Kate’s post on bold lipstick on full lips and Em’s post on how to wear bright lipstick on thin lips.

You can buy Natio’s Flame for $14.95 from Priceline, Myer, David Jones, selected pharmacies or shop online.

Wearing Natio’s Flame for a job interview.

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