Lush Vanillary

Nine gram of Lush Vanillary

Nine grams of vanillary spray

We are yet to cover cruelty-free perfume. Since starting this blog I’ve just been going without – which makes me a sad panda. So when the manager of the QVB store at the Lush blogger event suggested I order in their Vanillary perfume I was, well, as chuffed as Thomas the Tank Engine.

Brand/Product: Lush Vanillary from their Gorilla Perfume range.

Cost: I got mine for free but you can pick it up from Lush stores or order online for $39.95 for 27grams  or $15.50 for 9grams. It also comes in a solid form for $7.95 for 12grams.


How can something so tasty be so ugly?

Why we love it: It’s vegan and environmentally friendly with handy packaging to take travelling.

Verdict (Yay or Nay): I want to love this but I’m just not feeling it. The write-up says that you’ll get many compliments wearing it but I haven’t got any. None is not many Lush! Not that it’s about getting compliments. My problem is that the smell takes me back to the early 90s when I was a tween and everyone would douse themselves in Impulse body spray – I may or may not have taken part in such atrocities.

The trick is to go gently. On first application it’s a sickly sweet vanilla smell that is too kiddy for me. It’s got Jasmine in it too – which I usually love but it seems to be drowned out but the vanilla. However, after about an hour the smell starts to mellow. Even still, I’m not that fond of it. I’m sorry Lush – I love everything else you do but this gets a nay from me.


Product does not contain this type of Jasmine

Sometimes I’m reminded just how subjective reviews can be. In this blog post by beauty blogger Lather Rinse Repeat she finds the smell “grown up” but for me it just feels teeny bopper. Damn you Impulse for scarring me.

And to wrap it up check out this retro Impulse ad.

And is it just me or is this 90s ad kind of offensive?

So my search for cruelty-free fragrance continues. Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments below.

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