Today’s Beauty ‘Conscious’ Woman

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Ed’s note: Today’s guest post comes from happiness and wellness blogger Elise Bradfield.

If you are reading this then there are a few simple assumptions that I can make about you. Firstly, you enjoy makeup and all the latest trends. Secondly, you like to be well informed with the knowledge you receive. All easy assumptions I hear you say but then there are a few other things that I can see below the surface.

Your interest in this site shows me that you care for animals, your wellbeing and about the message that Emma and Kate are sharing with the world. But even better than that and a genius part of your unique subconscious is that you are someone who is aware through your decision making. You have made a conscious choice to research, read and change your spending habits because you want to do something right. Being aware and focused will serve as a wonderful foundation for a happy, fulfilled and passionate life … if you know how to harness it!

What I would like to get you to start doing every day is to utilise this consciousness within your life, just as you are doing visiting this site and in showing your support for cruelty-free products. I believe it is your conscious that shapes your life. And just like choosing a different brand of makeup is a choice, so too is the conscious choice to live a happy and fulfilled life. Once you allow yourself to be out in the world presently and wholeheartedly, that is where you are really able to shine. Your conscious choices and living in the now will allow others to see your inner beauty.

Elise Bradfield

Elise Bradfield

Choosing cruelty-free products can be the beginning of a lifetime of fulfilling, empowered happiness because you choose to embody that consciousness in everything you do. I ask you to honour yourself and be conscious in your choices. You can be better, do better and have better.

“Let your difference be the difference”- Elise Bradfield

Ed’s Note: To continue your journey of wellness and happiness head to Elise’s website. You can also follow her on Twitter or buy her book I Wish You Happiness on Amazon.

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