Em’s Top 5 Animal Videos

Sneezing baby panda

My top five is the perfect mix (I think anyway) of funny, cute or straight-up remarkable. In no particular order:

Polite Bear Waves Hello

This will be the best 7 seconds of your day.

Strike of a Great White Shark – BBC Planet Earth

I became obsessed with sharks while working at a Cairns aquarium during a short hiatus from my arts degree. These creatures still frighten the beejus outta me but I also have the upmost respect for them. The last 30 seconds of this will blow your mind!

Piggy Gets A Warm Bath

So effin cute. Watch his smile as the little piggy is plunged into the bath water. It could warm the coldest of cockles.

RSPCA (Australian Ad) 1988

Oh man, I adored this ad as a kid. Especially the wombat at the end – it kills me everytime.

Sneezing Baby Panda

I know we’ve all seen it. There’s a reason for that – it’s awesome.

What are your favourite animal videos? Post a link the comments below. 

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