DIY: Oatmeal Scrub and Face Mask


My new life as a human guinea pig can make my sensitive skin unhappy. But as soon as I get any irritation I have an instant cure. It came as a recommendation from my friend with psoriasis during my pregnancy. My whole body would itch and my face went from normal to super dry. Until she handed down her special recipe which I’m now going to share with you.

I test cosmetics

I test cosmetics so this fella doesn’t have to.

Okay, okay. I’ve hyped this up. My magic cure is oatmeal scrub and super easy to make. The stuff is the bomb. Those golden gems perform miracle work on my skin. They will deep cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate. In fact oatmeal scrub has been clinically proven to heal dry, itchy skin. Anything clinical is good right? This will also work wonders on acne, eczema, psoriasis and as we’ve established, hormonal pregnant ladies.

Face scrub/mask (vegan)

Step one: Pour oats into a bowl. They can either be as they are or ground. I prefer ground as it makes it more pastey and easier to spread on the face.

Oatmeal scrub

Unground paste

Ground paste

Ground paste

Step two: Pour on warm water until it just covers the oats. The hotter the water, the better consistency.

Step three: Slather it on your face. You will look like someone has puked all over you. Don’t panic! Just try and leave it on for at least ten minutes. Once it has dried you can rub it into your skin for a deeper exfoliation.

My trusty herb grinder. Although blender or bar mix would do.

My trusty herb grinder. Although blender or bar mix would do.

Step four: Rinse off and pat dry.

If you’re after more exfoliation you could add salt (not recommended for the more sensitive peeps). Add olive oil for more hydration.

Tip: Any leftovers can go back into the fridge and should be used within three days. If you have leftovers on day three why not chuck it into the bath?

Bath soak (vegan)

In the first trimester of pregnancy I would soak in an oatmeal bath to alleviate the itchiness. It really helps.

Step one: Add to bath.

Step two: Have bath.

Step three: Get out of bath.

It’s not rocket science I know but I figure if someone had to tell me other people may be in the dark. Alternatively you can put the oats into an old stocking and just let that soak in the bath with you.

Optional: champagne and dinosaurs with bath

Optional: champagne and dinosaurs with bath. Or is that just how I roll?

We love homemade recipes – it’s cheap and sustainable. Our guest blogger Luisa Lyons gave us her recipe for homemade shampoo that is our most read post on the blog. For more DIY recipes check out my brown sugar body scrubfoot soak, and three ways to use coconut oil.

Have you got any DIY recipes? We’d love to hear from you. 

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