How To Create The Perfect Vintage Look

Roxy - My Fair Femme Fatale

Ed’s Note: Today’s guest post comes from the gorgeous vintage vixen, Roxy Bourdillon.

My Fair Femme Fatale

1950s-style makeup is classic and flattering, unlike the photo of me without my warpaint. Here’s a beauty guide to help you look retro fabulous.



First thing’s first – you need to create a flawless complexion. After foundation and concealer, add a dusting of luminescent powder to give you a movie star glow. Pale lilac works on fair skin and champagne is best for darker tones. Marilyn Monroe’s onscreen shimmer was down to Vaseline and hormone cream. A highlighter, like Lush Skin Tint, will give the same effect without the extra facial fuzz. TIP: Tormented by a blemish that refuses to be hidden? Feeling brave? A brown eye pencil, sharpened to a soft point, can transform a face-volcano into a beauty mark. Marilyn used hers to draw attention to her mouth. She was probably tired of people staring at her boobs.



In the 1950s the surprised look was all the rage. Eyebrows were arched and defined. After plucking strays, use a brown eyeliner to fill yours in with short, fine strokes. Eyelash curlers, cream eye shadow and white eye pencil on your lower rim will make your peepers look all wide and sparkly. Be reassured that even vintage gurus find getting their eyeliner flicks to match a challenge. Dita von Teese describes hers as “non-identical twins”. If you’re struggling, make a dot with your eyeliner where you want the flick to end. Repeat on the other side, then carefully join each line to the dot. Believe it or not, mid-century glamourpuss Elizabeth Taylor was born with an extra set of lashes framing her violet eyes. What a lucky bombshell! The rest of us have to rely on mascara and falsies. Cut a full set in half and attach them just to the outer corners of your eyes to exaggerate your fifties flicks. TIP: Use a compact mirror so you can inspect your handiwork close-up from every angle. And have cotton buds handy to correct any mistakes. Remember ladies, you’re aiming for cat’s eyes not black eyes.



Full-on vintage glamour calls for kickass red lips. A brilliant vintage-looking lipstick is Lush’s Decisive. Use lipliner for definition, then apply your lippy generously to build up volume. Make sure you blot between each layer to avoid the clown look. A dab of highlighter on the centre of your lower lip will make your pout extra pouty. TIP: Pop your index finger in your mouth and slowly pull it out to catch stray lipstick before it decorates your teeth and destroys the illusion of sophistication you’ve so carefully constructed. Be wary of doing this in public as people may think you’re coming onto them.

Finishing Touches


For a ladylike look, match your nail varnish to your lipstick. I always wear a classic red like Barry M’s Blood Orange. ONE LAST TIP: From film star, style icon and master illusionist, Sophia Loren – “Sex appeal is fifty per cent what you’ve got and fifty per cent what people think you’ve got.” Now go get ‘em, gorgeous. Mwah! xx Ed’s Note: For more style tips and tricks from the very foxy Roxy check out her blog,  Roxy Vintage Style. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Like us on Facebook to receive our updates and tidbits in your newsfeed.

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