Sukin Protein Hair Treatment


I have put my hair through the ringer by using straightners, curling wands, and a bijillion products. The very least I could do is use a decent hair treatment.

Let’s be honest, once a week doesn’t happen. Twice a month is more likely. So I need something uber nourishing with more protein in it than a body builder’s breakfast shake.

Brand/Product: Sukin Protein Hair Treatment*. Up until recently it used to be called Botanical Protein Treatment but the friendly staff at Sukin assure me it’s the same product.

sukin tweet copy

Awards: Winner of the 2012 Nature Health and Beauty Award. Criteria includes being natural, eco-friendly and ahhhhmazing.

Cost: I bought mine from Discount Chemist but you can also find it at Myer and Priceline for $12.95, or shop online.

So botanical

So botanical

Why We Love It: Eco-friendly, Australian-owned and paraben free.

Verdict (yay or nay): I get why it used to have botanical in the title. The aloe vera, calendula and chamomile creates an agricultural smell that I find very soothing. It deep conditions and can be doubled as a leave-in hair conditioner. I found it works better on my hair than Dr Bronner’s Hair Creme too.

The price tag makes me happy. So even though coconut oil is an effective and cheap hair mask, I prefer Sukin. The thick, creamy consistency is easier to use – coconut oil can either be too hard or too runny depending on temperature. This stays the same all year round. It’s a big fat win and I would definitely buy again – new name and all. YAY!

*This product is suitable for all hair types.

2 thoughts on “Sukin Protein Hair Treatment

  1. I’ve only just started using Sukin I have a toner I love! I saw the hair treatment the other day & wondered about it! I’m buying the sensitive cleanser I will let you know how it goes.

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