Dr Bronner’s Organic Hair Creme


I’m one of those lucky people who is prone to oily roots and dry ends. YAY for me. Sarcasm aside, it does mean I have more reasons to trial more products and let y’all know my opinions. While dry shampoo would make it as my number one desert island accessory, I do like to have some leave-in conditioner on hand.

Brand: Dr Bronner’s.

Product: Organic Hair Creme for leave-in conditioning and light styling.

Price: I bought mine for $13.60 from ASOS but they no longer stock it. You can buy online for $12.95 or check at your local healthfood stores.

Why We Love It: It’s vegan, fairly traded, has organic ingredients and silicone free.

Dr Bronner's Hair creme

Verdict (Yay or Nay): I’m going to straight up give this a big ol’ NAY. While the lavender and coconut means it has an amazing smell, this does not work well for people with fine hair. It doesn’t distribute evenly (even when combed through) and instead dries in clumps.

It also weighs down my hair. I’ve achieved better results from coconut oil, which is cheaper too.

Because I’ll probably end up giving it away, I’ll keep you posted on whether it will work better on someone with thick hair.

Have you used a Dr Bronner’s product before? What did you think of it?

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