Maniday: Australis – Totes Amaze

Ed’s Note: This post was written by Contributing Editor, Kate Derrick.

Brand: Australis

Colour: Totes Amaze – a bright tropical pink. The colour itself is awesome. It’s a really bright pink and I love that it instantly jazzes up any look. It  looks great with olive skin but I think it would suit any colouring.

Cost: I got mine for $7.95 from Priceline. But you can also buy it from Australis at Big W, Kmart, or online.

Why I wore it: Being in Darwin for 12 days I needed a colour for my nails that suited the tropics.Wandering through Priceline Totes Amaze grabbed my attention. The bright pink colour really screamed tropical.

The nail polish claims to be streak free but actually it’s a little bit streaky. With two coats though it’s not too bad. Still not streak free though.

It lasts a couple of days without a top coat. Nothing lasts long on my nails though.

A couple of little chips two days after applying.

Yay or Nay: I can forgive the slight streakiness because I LOVE this colour. And its vegan! Yay.

AnnaLynne McCord

Okay, so I didn’t really know who Annalynne McCord was until I googled her after seeing this photo of her with bright pink nail polish. Turns out she’s a young American actress and is quite the philanthropist. Go AnnaLynne! Loving her nails.

When I get back to Sydney in a few days it’s going to be cold. Tell us what you think about wearing bright pink nail polish in Winter. Can it be done?

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