My Mama Always Told Me

Mother’s Day may be consumer-driven but it’s also a good reminder to appreciate those very special people – our mums. They’ve nurtured us, helped us grow and maybe offered a bit too much unwanted advice. But sometimes those unsolicited tips and tricks end up becoming staples in one’s routine.

Mum and I at my wedding

Mum and me at my wedding


I’ve always been into pink

My mother taught me that I could use olive oil as eye make-up remover, and that a touch of paw paw ointment would stop my skirt sticking to my tights. More importantly, every time I’ve put myself down she has tirelessly reassured me. No one in the world will find me as beautiful as she does.

It's not only birth mothers who play the mum-roles in our lives.

It’s not only birth mothers who play the mum role

But there are three other important women who have taught me a thing or two. Not only did I get my hair gene from my Nanna Rose, but I have her hair obsession too. She showed me it’s okay to take pride in your mane, or what my grandfather referred to as the golden crown of glory. Even at the end of her life she had her fortnightly visits to the salon. She also relentlessly tried to stop me from fidgeting with my locks – I fail at this constantly.


My Nanna Rose

Nanna and Grandpa just before she died.

Nanna and Grandpa just before she died

At 19 my sister Sarah took me for my first eyelash tint and bikini wax. I clung to her like a frightened monkey and god was it good to have her support. She also taught me how to blow-dry my hair.

Sarah, Kate and baby me

Sarah, Kate and baby me

My eldest sister Kate was fanatical with me about moisturising, washing my face properly and sunscreen. And I still put on my bra in the exact same way she does – I clasp it on upside down and at the front of my body and adjust accordingly.

Big sisters dressing me for my Hen's night.

My sisters dressed me up as a kid and did it again for my Hen’s

I’ve learnt a lot from the women in my life and if any day should be a celebration of such lessons, it’s today. Many of our readers have also come to cherish beauty advice from the women in their lives too.


 Mum told me to always use a pumice stone to get the hard, dry skin off your feet a couple times a week. She has been doing that since she was about 17 and has the softest feet of anyone I know.


Jeanene and Lisa


She told me to test foundation colour on your neck and not on your hand. And I remember when I had pimples, she would tell me to hold a hot flannel on them so it draws it to the surface.


Lily and Penny


Mum has phenomenal skin. Her biggest tip is to cleanse, tone and moisturise every morning and evening. So many of us now just grab a cleansing wipe (especially at the end of a night out!) but she really takes time to clean her skin thoroughly in the three stages and it totally works.
Roxy and her mum

Roxy and Andrea

My granny read in a magazine when she was a girl that movie stars ate cabbage soup to get clear skin. She doesn’t guzzle green soup, but she has a fruit-and-veg day once a week to refresh her system and stock up on nutrients. She too has great skin!
Roxy and her Granny

Nancy and Roxy


I spent my teenage years covering my face in Vaseline and wiping it off gently before bed, thanks to Mum – “You can’t put the moisture back in when you’re older, but you can stop it coming out now.” Also, when moisturising your neck always rub upwards, not downwards, to stop your neck getting old.


Mum taught me to put sunscreen on the back of your hands. She reckons it’s the first place to show age.


Vanessa, Felix, Eric and Prue


From Mum I learnt oatmeal baths are the best way to cure dry itchy skin and to never go to bed wearing make-up. Also, when you find a lipstick colour you love buy multiple as they always seem to discontinue the colours you like.

Mum and I

Ann-Maree and Annette

From Shaddah and Nan [grandmothers] I learnt to always use a night cream or oil, never leave the house with wet hair (however I’m shocking with this), and don’t borrow people’s mascara.

Ann-Maree, Annette and Sue.

Ann-Maree, Annette and Sue

So from daughters to mothers, little sisters to big sisters, and granddaughters to grandmothers – happy Mother’s Day. We love you x

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