Australis Go Long Lipstick

That's a big handful of lipstick

That’s a big handful of lipstick

Last month we received eight of Australis’ new lipstick range. I was so excited that I took the picture above and posted it onto facebook straightaway. One of our readers asked me when they would be released so she could buy one. After looking down at my gigantic handful of lipsticks I realised that I just had to share the love. Even though I’ve never met our reader Amy I got a lippy over to her stat.


Then I thought about the other seven. As much as I love lipstick I decided sharing really is caring. And it’s probably more sustainable too. So I decided to give out the rest, bar one – I’m not that caring. Read on to see what eight different girls thought of this exciting new range.

Shumona in Boho

What did you wear it to? Sunday brunch.

How long did it last? Three and a half hours – quite a feat considering: a) I had a huge breakfast (I don’t exactly eat like a lady!) and b) it was hot and we were kicking the ball around in the park.

What did you think of the colour? It has a tinge of plum when worn against my skin tone. Not so much that it brings out the sallow of ‘Asian’ but just enough so I don’t look like death with nude/natural lips.

Would you wear it again? Concealers and nude colours are my favourite. So this little lippy is exactly what I’d use! It evened out my lip tone and also feels a lot lighter than the only other long-lasting lipstick that I own (rhymes with X-factor). And the latter probably tests on animals as well – BOO! (Ed’s note: Shumona is right – Max Factor is not certified with Choose Cruelty Free.) Will need to pair it with some pale eyeshadow next time I wear it.  And yes, there will be a next time!


Ann-Maree in Easy Chic

What did you wear it to? I wore the lipstick to school on prac placement.

How long did it last? I put on a single coat at 7am this morning. It withstood a morning coffee, several hours of talking and morning tea! Only needed a touch up at lunch which wasn’t until 1:30pm.

What did you think of the colour? In a single layer it’s a great matte nude shade. However, with multiple layers it gets a little dark for my complexion.

Would you wear it again? Although it did feel a little dry on my lips, I would try it again. Maybe next time I would make sure my lips were really hydrated before applying or wear a layer of paw paw on top.

photo3AM lipstick

Lisa in Glam

What did you wear it to? Work 

How long did it last? An hour or so at maximum capacity, then when I had a cup of tea it started to come off.

 What did you think of the colour? Great – a dark purply pink, it goes with loads of things.

Would you wear it again? Yes – but it needs regular application to remain at full strength!

What would be on your YOLO (you only live once) list? Dressing in full 50s style including curled hair – I think this is a great look, but never find the time to do it. So lazy 🙂

australis1Australis Go Long Lipstick in Glam

Ingrid in Preppy

What did you wear it to? I wore it around home just to feel pretty. 

How long did it last? It lasted longer than I thought it would – light pastel pinks don’t usually last very long in my own experience. About 6 hours and then I did a little touch up.

 What did you think of the colour? The colour is amazing and I like it against my skin tone. I also like that I dont have to apply it with perfection. It’s a very easy colour for someone like me who doesn’t wear lippy very often.

Would you wear it again? I would definitely wear it again. I have been trying to find a colour exactly like this one, but with staying power. I love it.

Australis Go Long Lipstick in Preppy

Kate in Trendy

What did you wear it to? To a trivia night in Darwin. The bright, pretty pink seemed fitting for the tropics.

How long did it last? It lasted really well. The colour was still there after 3 hours, just not as intense. And that was after eating and drinking.

 What did you think of the colour? I’ve never worn bright pink lipstick before and wouldn’t have thought to choose it for myself – I think of lighter pink colours as more for blondes. But a friend suggested I try Trendy and I’m so glad she did because I love it! Trendy is bright pink. You can apply it generously for an intense colour, or lightly for a more understated pink.

Would you wear it again? I found it a bit chalky – this I’m told is a feature of many long wear lipsticks. I prefer the texture of Australis’ Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick. However, with Go Long I found applying a bit of lip gloss on top gets rid of the chalkiness, helps the lipstick to spread more easily, and adds a nice little shine. I would definitely wear this colour again. I’m loving it. In fact I think I’ll look into how to wear bright pink lipstick in winter. An upcoming post I think.

What would be on your YOLO list? Travel is always on my agenda, but for a home-based YOLO, I would have to say learning to surf.


Amy in Ghetto

What did you wear it to? I wore it to work for 2 days, plus it made an appearance at pub trivia as well.

How long did it last? Provided I didn’t eat or drink anything – it would last aaaages. Being a matte lipstick, the colour was intense, but the lipstick was quite dry and eating just caused it to clump in the corners of my mouth. But applying it before I left for work, it would last until at least lunchtime.

What did you think of the colour? Amazing. ‘Ghetto’ was a bit darker and more mauve than I usually go for, but that makes it perfect for the colder months.

Would you wear it again? Definitely, I just need to remember to exfoliate and use lip primer! It’s a total statement lipstick and needs a better base than I was providing.

What would be on your YOLO list? Anything from Aesop – their products are so indulgent and the packaging is sophisticated and hard to resist.

Amy FaceAustralis Ghetto

Andrea in Diva

What did you wear it to? My friend’s party. However, I did not feel comfortable and I felt that my lips became very dry so I wore it with my usual lipstick.

How long did it last? The mix lasted for 3 hours, and by itself for about 2 hours.

What did you think of the colour? The colour was great. It matched my coffee-skin colour 😉

Would you wear it again? Yes with my other lipstick. I did not find nasty things in it, however, it is made from petroleum products (petrolatum) which I believe may contribute not only to the degradation of the environment but also may be toxic. Here is some more information on this.

la foto

Me in Uber Cool

What did you wear it to? A day bumming around the house (and shops).

How long did it last? About 2 hours without eating.

 What did you think of the colour? I gave everyone else first pick and this was what was left – selfless I know 😉 I’ve got thin lips and a few wrinkles around my mouth and this dark wine/purple colour isn’t a right fit. I think it would look really fun on someone who is either very outgoing or in their twenties.

Would you wear it again? It’s a good bang for your buck with great pigmentation and it’s not too drying for a long-lasting lipstick. The only reason I’m saying no is because I don’t like the colour. But I know of a rocking uni student who would look amazing in it – so it will go to a good home.

What would be on your YOLO list? To see the Northern Lights.


Have you tried Australis Go Long lipstick? What do you think?

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