Maniday: Natio – Little Treasures Part II


Two weeks ago I discovered that Natio’s Little Treasures range was coming to an end. This was how I took the news:

Until I discovered I could get my fix in Myer until June and online until August. Yeehaa. So I’ve decided to review as many of the colours as possible.

Cost: $5.95 from Myer or shop online. Last week I found a Priceline that has a few colours left at half price. I managed to pick up raspberry, which I wanted after reading Kate’s review, and coral.

Why we love them: It’s vegan, Australian owned and free from nasty chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate.

Colour Breakdown


Look, this is a great product. It really lasts and only needs one coat for an opaque cover, although for the photo below I applied two coats. I’ve always leaned towards bold, bright colours but I’m curious about nudes. Camel is supposed to look sophisticated but I think beigey colours are just not me. When I told my mate that I felt very Nanna she replied with, “It’s the colour of granny undies.”

I do like it on my toes to hide any yellowing. So I think I’ll keep it for my feet but for my fingers I’m now on the lookout for less beige and more of a pinky nude. Any suggestions?



This is such a pretty, fun colour. I’ve had it for four months now and this is the first time I used it. But I’m glad I took the plunge because it’s a great pick-me-up. As you can see, this shade is bright and probably more suitable for spring and summer. Or you could be like me and say, “Screw ‘the rules’. It’s pretty and I’m wearing it anyway.”



It was my Dad’s 70th birthday party so I did some research into seventies nail trends. It turns out that much of the fashion used bare nails or French. But Cute Nail Studio mentioned that brick reds, browns and burgundies were also popular – they were heading into the black-nailed, 80s punk era after all. So for a darker tone, I picked mulberry. It is slighter redder and lighter than their Maple but I wanted to stick to my Little Treasures range.


Heading out to Dad’s 70th

Natio’s Mulberry is a suave and adaptable colour that is ideal for  winter. 

Natio nail polish Little Treasures Mulberry

Check out more colours in Part 1 of my Little Treasures post.

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