Five Faves for April

Five Faves for April

1) De Lorenzo hair spray. It smells really yummy, uses certified organic ingredients and worked a treat for my beehive hair tutorial.

De Lorenzo's hair spray with certified organic ingredients

2) Strengthening nail polish remover from Face of Australia. It costs $3.99 but I got it on sale for $3 – score.

3) I’ve never received as many compliments for a beauty item than with Mode’s Party Girl nail polish. This emerald shade is a fun, fabulous colour that is ideal for autumn and winter.

Mode Cosmetics, emerald green nails IMG_3991

4) My home-made foot soak. So nice to treat myself.

5) It seems I have green on the mind. I’m also loving Australis stayput liner in envy. This soft, highly pigmented eye crayon is easy to apply.

Australis Stayput Liner in Envy

What’s your favourite beauty product at the moment? Tell us in the comments below. 

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