Lush – The Olive Branch Shower Gel


Why we love it: This product is vegan which is always a great addition to being cruelty free.

The Olive Branch lathers well and smells good. Although, I would say it’s more of a perfumed smell rather than an essential-oil smell.

My husband, who is prone to eczema, isn’t a fan of The Olive Branch though. He found it a bit harsh on his skin. Blair much preferred the Moogoo Milky Wash. I didn’t find The Olive Branch at all drying so perhaps it’s more the perfume in it that is a bit harsh on Blair’s skin. In any event, I like The Olive Branch but if you have sensitive skin perhaps this isn’t the shower gel for you.

This is also what an olive branch looks likes

This is what a real olive branch looks likes

If you have sensitive skin and plan to try a Lush shower gel perhaps ask instore about which ones are best for sensitive skin. The great thing is Lush shower gels come in a range of sizes so you could start with a small bottle first. The 500-gram bottle lasts for ages.

Verdict (Yay or Nay): Yay from me. Nay from Blair. I will be interested to try more shower gels by Lush.

Ed’s note: Remember to give this product a good shake before you use it. The olive oil will separate but it will be worth it when your skin feels silky smooth.

Check out this vid of Matt from Lush Manufacturing talking about the Olive Branch shower gel.

Do you have sensitive skin? We’d love to know if you are using a cruelty free body wash and how you like it.

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