Packing For The Top End


Packing light (sorta) for hot weather

Eeek. I’m about to go on an adventure. Darwin and Kakadu – here I come!!!

But what to pack? There’s no need to go OTT with primers and hair straightners, but I want to take a few small luxuries.

My itinerary involves:

* shopping at the beach during sunset at the Mindil markets. Awwwwww.

* a 3 day 4WD tour of Kakadu. Aaahhh – my excitement cannot be contained. I’ll  be glamping so important to pack light, but  I’ll still need basics like shampoo and face wash.

* swimming in waterholes in Kakadu and wave lagoons in Darwin.

* drinks in trendy Darwin bars and breakfast by the water (with maybe another spot of shopping).

Never smile at a crocodile. Or if I do it will be with Australis Flamenco lipstick.

Never smile at a crocodile. Or if I do it will be with Australis Flamenco lipstick.

So here’s what I plan to take. Having said that, I’ll probably revise the list again after hitting publish and change it all. You know how it is.

Hair care

Okay, we all know about my love for Lush dry shampoo. So that’s a must-have. But Lush also does 100g bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I’ll be trialling American Cream and Daddy-O. Let’s hope they can cope with swimming in Kakadu waterholes.

Packing for Kakadu/Darwin outback adventure

I love my Union Jack toiletry bag


Average temperature for Darwin in April is a max of 32 degrees and min of 24. In other words, perfect! But regarding slathering stuff on my face, I want something light and low-maintenance. So here’s how I’ll slip-slop-slap.

For my night out at the markets or while enjoying a sneaky drink, I think I’ll slip nude nail polish on my toes with Natio Little Treasures in Camel, slop on Natio blush and slap on bright pink lipstick.

Packing for Kakadu/Darwin outback adventure

I recently bought a stack of Face of Australia foundation/concealer products. I’ve been umming and aahhing about taking them. It’s going to be hot! I’m going to wear a lot of sunscreen which can be a pain with foundation. So – should I bother? Yeaaaanaaaaayeahhhhhnaaahhhh, I dunno.

Packing for Kakadu/Darwin outback adventure

To pack or not to pack? That is my First World problem/question.

Skin care

I’ve got sensitive skin and looking forward to trying Sukin’s cleansing gel from their sensitive range. After I wash off all the grime from an awesome day of hiking and four-wheel driving I’ll combat dry skin with Sukin’s Rose Hip Oil in the evenings. In the mornings I’ll whack on Innoxa’s tinted moisturiser – that should work better than a thick foundation.


Hand and Body 

Flying and hot weather means lip balm is a must and I’ve got Natio’s Paw Paw at hand. Speaking of hands, I was going to take both Trilogy’s rose hand cream and Lush’s charity pot hand and body lotion but I think I might just stick to Lush 2-in-1.


So in the time I’ve writing this list I’ve already changed what I’m packing. Do you guys do that too? In the end I guess it doesn’t matter too much as long as I don’t forget my toothbush.

Have you got any tips for packing for hot weather? Let us know in the comments below.

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