Maniday: Natio – Little Treasures

Natio Little Treasures

Recently in Priceline I noticed they were out of Natio’s Little Treasures nail polish. I’ve spoken before about my love for this range. I first discovered it last Christmas when I was given six bottles from my mother-in-law – score! I instantly fell in love. They are like the Alexa Chung of nail polish being both cute and stylish at the same time.

Natio LIttle Treasures nail polish

Little Treasures come in sweet little 9ml bottles at the bargain price of $5.95. I’m always scouring the shops, tempted to pick up a new shade. So after I saw Priceline were no longer stocking them, I checked at my local chemist (where I’ve bought a Little Treasure before) and they were out too. I was aghast. I only had 8 colours. There were still 15 for me to try. So I emailed Natio.

Natio Little Treasures

Left to right: Mulberry, Mauve, Scarlett, Fuchsia, Crimson

Do you want the good or bad news first? The bad, huh? Well, yep, they are GAWN from Priceline and chemists. But, here’s the good news. They’re still available at Myer for the next two months and online until August. Yipppeeeeee. When I found out the news the first thing I did was order the tangerine online. I’ve had my eye on it for months.

Brand: Natio

Cost: $5.95 from Myer or shop online.

Shipping costs: A lot of websites give free shipping after you spend a certain amount – not Natio. Although, they do have quite good rates. If you buy 1-6 bottles it will set you back a flat rate of $6.95. The price slowly increases after this. For example, 16 bottles = $8.80. If you were going to buy every single colour (including the mini top coat) it would cost $142.80 + 9.42 shipping. Can we justify spending $150 on this limited range?

Why we love them: It’s vegan, Australian owned and formaldehyde free.

Colour Breakdown

I’m not being greedy and buying all of them – yet. I’ve got a fair few to try out first. But in the meantime, here’s what I think so far.


It’s more vixeny than your classic red polish and a perfect autumn/winter colour. It also got the tinsy of sparkle to it and needs two coats for a strong opaque colour. This is definitely one of my more-used colours. 

Natio Little Treasures


This. Is. Crap. I hate this nail polish. It’s the worst nail polish colour I’ve ever bought. You can see my original review here. In a nutshell (or tiny nail polish), it is streaky and too white based.



So very pretty. I loved it in February and I love it now. Even though it’s an ideal summer shade it’s currently what I’m wearing on my feet. Even though only my yoga class can see my toes – brrrrr, it’s cold outside.

Emma Salkild's review of Natio's Fuschia Little Treasures nail polish on Maniday


I haven’t tried this one myself but as soon as I saw Kate’s review I got nail envy. The warmer-red colouring make for another beautiful autumn shade.

Natio Little Treasures nail polish in Raspberry

Stay tuned for Maniday: Little Treasures Part 2 where I’ll do a wrap-up of the rest of my colours.

Have you bought any Natio Little Treasures before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Maniday: Natio – Little Treasures

    • Ooohh. I have mauve. I’ve only tried it on my ring finger when I did the multicoloured mani. I’ll have to do a proper mani with that soon.

      It’s so sad they’re almost gone, but at least we can order online until August 🙂

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