How To Create A Beehive

The Ronettes paved the way for beehive fashion

The Ronettes paved the way for the beehive

Help! I’m stuck in a hair rut and can’t get out. Or can I?

I’ve spoken before about my hair hang-ups. I’m not ready for a chop or colour change so instead I’m challenging myself to try new hairstyles. The first on my list is the beehive.

Adele at the Oscars with a half-up beehive

Adele at the Oscars with a half-up beehive

I enlisted the help of my trusted friend, Lily, who is a hair genius and the master of the beehive. She regularly creates beehives on her own hair.

Lily's rocking beehive

Lily’s rocking beehive

Her main concern was about ruining my hair. “It’s going to be one giant knot in your hair,” she said. I decided I wanted a more natural, modern style. Scanning the internet we found some pretty half-up beehives.


Lily agreed that was the way to go, a half-up style would also be less damaging. And so it began.

Beehive hair tutorial




How I achieved my beehive:

  1. I had freshly washed and blowdried hair. It does work better if you have day old hair. If your hair is too slippery and clean add some De Lorenzo Ocean Mist Sea Salt Spray or Lush Sea Spray for added texture.
  2. Lily took a two-inch section of hair from the crown of my head and started to backcomb. Backcombing is different to teasing.


    This is the highest point

  3. The first section needs the most backcombing. Once she was done she added some De Lorenzo hairspray.
  4. She continued backcombing two-inch sections down the middle of the head at about 75% of the height of the original piece. Spraying with hairspray after each section.

    De Lorenzo's hair spray with certified organic ingredients

    De Lorenzo hairspray with certified organic ingredients

  5. Once she got halfway down the back of the head (in line with my ears) she did the same on my sides; starting at the crown and following down to my ears.
  6. Finally, she gathered the front and side sections and brought them together at the back, securing with bobby pins.


And voila. Lily thought it was a small beehive and asked if I wanted more, but for me this was a great way to start. It felt huge on me, but I got a few compliments and most importantly, it was a helluva lot of fun. No more hair ruts for me, baby. Oh bee-hive!!!

Would you like to see a video how-to tutorial of this hairstyle? If so, let us know in the comments below. 

Ed’s note: Lily is a qualified make-up artist who trained with 3 Arts Make-up School in Sydney. She has a beautiful vintage-inspired blog called November Lily.

To finish, here’s a clip of Amy Winehouse singing Cupid, one of my favourite songs.

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4 thoughts on “How To Create A Beehive

  1. Hi Emma this looks fantastic! My hair is a bit too short for a full on beehive kind of style but I’m thinking I could posssssssibly give this modified look a try! 🙂

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