Embracing Thin Lips


A few of my favourite lipsticks

Browsing through the search referrers for my blog can be riveting – seriously. It’s interesting to see what terms people have googled before finding us. There are random ones (what shampoo does Dave Navarro use?) and kinky ones (long nail porn). But one recurring search I’ve noticed is about wearing lipstick on thin lips.

My first post for My Fair Lipstick was called How To Wear Bright Lipstick on Thin Lips and thanks to google search is now our third most-read article. I spoke about my lipstick phobia and how Fox in Flats and her style dare brought me out of my lipstick shell. But shortly after I hit publish I went back into hiding. Where did my confidence go?

Emma Salkild's lipsticks

Some of my lipstick stash

That was until the lovely Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags started her Lipstick a Day project. Readers were encouraged to go through their stash of lip products and wear one each day. It became a way for people to dust off their neglected lipsticks.

I only joined in sporadically. But when I did embrace it, it made me happy. When I think about our search history and the hundreds of women who have found this site looking for encouragement to wear lipstick, I feel mixed emotions. Some make me feel sad: I have small lips but want to wear bright lipstick and If I have small lips can I use bright lipstick? 

It’s as though they’re asking permission. I know where they are coming from because the “experts” steer the thin-lipped lassies away from lipstick and onto gloss. But to  anyone who has come through to my blog wondering, “Should I, could I, would I?”  I say: “Yes, wear it!” There may be people judging you, but who cares? You need to do what makes you feel happy. And remember the My Fair Lipstick motto – rules should be broken. So love yourself (and your lips) and embrace whatever lipstick you want to. Have fun!

dr-seuss-be-who-you-are-life-quote-art-inspiration-illustration-motivation-firndship-relationship-advice (1)

If you’re after some lipstick ideas here are some pics of what I wore during the lippy a day challenge.

Lippy 1 – Flamenco by Australis

On our way to a Tasmanian holiday, I managed to snap a blurry pic of my toddler on the plane going nutso.

IMG_3327Australis Flamenco lipstick

Lippy 2 – Wild Cherry by Innoxa

In Hobart I chose bright red lips for our trip to MONA. That night I went out on the town after experimenting with Australis new Curve Liquid Eyeliner.


Lippy 3 – Flamenco Peach by Barry M

Windswept at Fossil Bay Lookout in Doo Town – yes, that really is a place. I bought this for $7 via ASOS – no shipping costs – woohoo!

IMG_3553Barry M lipstick

Lippy 4 – A Million Kisses Lip Tint by Lush

After lugging Ted up a steep hill in backpack, I took this selfie at the top of Wineglass Bay. Check out Kate’s review.

IMG_3653A Million Kisses

Lippy 5 – Strong by Lush

I’ve just been so in love with these cute Alice-in-Wonderland bottles. Check out Kate’s review.


Lippy 6 – Macarena by Australis  

Discovering chocolatey colours for our post on Easter make-up looks.

Macarena by Australis

Lippy 7 – Berry Nice Kiss Pout Paste by Australis

This is more of a lip stain and this colour is so much fun. Check out Lisa’s review.

IMG_3973Australis pout paste

Lippy 8 – Torquay lip gloss by Face of Australia

This was one of my Five Faves for February. In fact, it’s still my favourite lip gloss.

Face of Australis Torquay lip gloss

Lippy 9 – Soft Pink by Natio

Looking very sixties.

Natio soft pink lipstick

I didn’t get around to putting up all my lip products but it was fun to have an excuse to wear some of the ones I own.

What’s your favourite lip product? Tell us in the comments below. 

4 thoughts on “Embracing Thin Lips

  1. Thin lips be damned I say! Nobody needs permission to wear bold, bright lipsticks because the rules are just…well silly really! 🙂 You looked gorgeous in your bright lippies and so much for joining in #lippyaday! I had a fun time looking at everyone else’s stash and now am planning to get a few more (as if I haven’t got enough already!) thanks to everyone’s stash!

    • Hehe – that’s funny. Did you end up trying the Lush lipstick?

      My weakness is nail polish. The salesperson at Amcal just told me that Natio is phasing out the Little Treasures range but that they may be back for Christmas and I felt panic that I only have 8 of the 24 colours. Haha. But I guess #maniaday might be asking too much. I’ve got so many unused polishes to get around to trying though 😉

  2. I also like looking at the google search terms on TNT! We get so many weirdos searching for “best nude beaches” or “Jon Hamm’s dong”. Although I guess we’re the weirdos for the stories in the first place. Sorry this has nothing to do with lipstick!

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