Australis Pout Paste

Australis Pout Paste

Left to right: Pash Me Pink, Love Bites, Berry Nice Kiss

A few weeks ago a little surprise came in the mail. My response was:

Was it a lipstick? Was it a lip gloss? No, it was super paste. Or should I say, a super stain? Whatever it was, this was one beauty item that needed a thorough going over. So I put on my thinking cap to work out who is the biggest lipstick junkie I know. Who could really get into the nitty, gritty of reviewing this lip product?

Australis Pout Paste

Emma restuck the items out of order – just to mix things up – and because she is a goose

I needed someone with the combined forces of lipstick knowledge and strong opinions. Boy did I find the ideal guest writer. Lisa Ginnane is a HUGE lipstick wearer. A few years ago when I worked in publishing I would glance in her office and see her dotting at her lips. It was brilliant. I really admire those people who can rock out lipstick. Enjoy her post.

Brand: Australis.

Product: Pout Paste.

Colour: Love Bites.

Price: $12.95 from Priceline, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies. Or shop online.

Lisa wearing Love Bites Pout Paste

Lisa wearing Pout Paste in Love Bites

Why We Love It: The colour is AWESOME. I wore this to a Mexican-themed party (hence the sombrero picture) and a few times to work, and every time I had positive comments on the colour. It also has staying power in the colour department. BUT… only provided you don’t eat, drink or kiss while you’re wearing it. As soon as you go anywhere near so much as a glass of water, the Pout Paste will disappear all over it. Slightly annoying, but I don’t mind re-touching a few times throughout the day/night. As a side note, the product smells really nice too.

Lisa wearing Love Bites Pout Paste

Lisa wearing Pout Paste in Love Bites

Verdict (Yay or Nay): I would say yay for the right occasion. I wouldn’t wear the Pout Paste on an everyday basis, but for the fantastic colour alone this will become a staple in my lip product arsenal.

Ed’s note: Lisa is the Marketing Manager at Hachette Australia and reviews arty stuff for Alternative Media Group. To keep updated with book, theatre and film news follow her on Twitter.

Below are pics of Kate and Emma wearing Pout Paste in Berry Nice Kiss. It’s interesting to see the colour contrasts. Kate has olive skin and dark hair while Emma is pale and blonde. We think it suits us both 🙂


Have you tried Pout Paste? Tell us in the comments what you think of it. And we’d love to see a pic too. 

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