Easter Make-Up Looks

Kate looking all cute and Eastery

Kate looking all cute and Eastery

I’m calling it – Easter is the most laid-back of holidays. Sure, it’s centred around food but it’s all pretty low key  – rip open a bag of chocolate eggs or grab some hot cross buns and voilà – Easter is celebrated. Anzac Day means baking biscuits, Australia Day requires pavlova and/or lamingtons, and Christmas .. well, let’s not even think about it before I have a panic attack about how much there is to organise.

Easter is a time to veg out. We might get festive with our hair and make-up for New Year’s and Christmas but this particular holiday means pulling out the drawstring trackies and floppy t-shirts. Then let the gorging begin….

This is what I will look like on Easter day

And I wouldn’t want it any other way. But it got me thinking, just because we’re wearing our more-relaxed attire doesn’t mean we can’t get festive – on our faces! Once that idea was planted, I asked around the beauty companies to see if anyone had some chocolatey make-up products they wanted to share. Lo and behold – they did.

I’d like to thank the academy , my mum, … and Lush, Inika, Australis and Innoxa for helping us find a way to embrace chocolate faces. They really have spoilt us rotten at My Fair Lipstick. When all the items arrived I was like:

Then I realised that maybe I couldn’t use that many products at one go so I enlisted the help of some trusty gals. As a note, our freebies don’t affect our abilities to critically review. However, they can result in frenzied jazz hands.

Here’s what the ladies had to say:

 Lush Whipstick Lip Balm

Lush whipstick

Name: Julia

What did you think? Smells delicious! Makes your lips feel nice and soft but the texture is a little gooey.

Would you wear it for Easter? Sure, it smells like chocolate so I think it’s appropriate for Easter.

What’s your favourite Easter treat? Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Find this online or in Lush stores for $9.95.

 Australis Foxtrot Lipstick


Name: Shumona

What do you think? I shy away from wearing bold colours on my lips, but this has been pretty good so I’ll wear it on special occasions.

Would you wear it for Easter? Yes.

What’s your favourite Easter treat? Lindt bunnies.

Find this at Kmart, Priceline or online for $12.95.

Innoxa Peach Blossom Lipstick


Name: Alex

What do you think? Soft and creamy but not too full on. It’s very subtle and I’d wear it during the day without feeling like I was going overboard.

Would you wear it for Easter? Yes. And Christmas. And non-festive days too.

What’s your favourite Easter treat? The Crunchie egg. The one with Crunchie pieces in it – not the plain egg with two Crunchies on the side. That egg is disappointing.

Find this at Myer, Priceline or online for $14.95. 

Lush Quietly Motivated eyeliner


Name: Monique

What do you think? It was a little bit wet so ran a bit, but I love the colour and how it looks.

Would you wear it for Easter? Yes. I definitely would wear it for Easter! I love it.

What’s your favourite Easter treat? Creme Eggs.

Find it online or in Lush stores for $24.95 part of the Emotional Brilliance range.

 Australis Quickstep Lipstick

2BRAS_2013_00015-2 (1)

Name: Kate

What do you think? I’m loving Mineral Inject Lipstick. Like Cha Cha, Quickstep is moisturising and long-lasting. It’s a medium brown colour with strong hints of rose. I think it will take me a while to get used to wearing brown lipstick, but this colour is really growing on me.

Would you wear it for Easter? I would wear it at Easter for sure. It’s a great Autumn colour.

What’s your favourite Easter treat? Creme Eggs.

Find this at Kmart, Priceline or online for $12.95.

Inika Coco Motion Eyeshadow

photoInika eye shadow

Name: Emma

What do you think?  This mineral eye shadow is a beautiful, stylish product that is Australian owned. It’s certified organic, vegan and ideal for my sensitive skin and eyes.

Would you wear it for Easter? Yes. It makes me feel quite glam and would be the perfect distraction from the chocolate that will be smeared all over my mouth.

What’s your favourite Easter treat? I love all Easter treats. Who came up with this question? Whoops, I did  … choc chip hot cross buns are amazing.

Find this at selected stores or online for $25.

Here are some other pics from an awesome night. We’d like to thank our photographer Blair Rasmussen for all his work too.

Tell us in the comments what you are doing this Easter. Will you be wearing make-up?

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