Monthly Animal Fact – The Tasmanian Devil

Ed’s note: This post was written by Contributing Editor, Kate Derrick.

The Tassie Devil is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial. Go Tassie Devil. They were once found on the mainland also, but not anymore.

Devils usually mate in March and the babies are born in April, which makes them Easter babies!

As pointed out by Emma, the Tassie Devil yawns when frightened or uncertain. And when they are stressed they produce a strong odour.

The Tassie Devil was so named by the European settlers because of its fierce look and scary screech.

Awwww devil?

Check out the noise they make on the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife website.

Sadly the Tasmanian Devil population is being desecrated by the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) 😦 You can read more about the disease and how to help save the Tasmanian Devil here.

Hopefully with lots of caring peeps on board the Tassie Devil will be able to beat this disease and thrive once again.

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