Maniday: Mode Cosmetics – Party Girl


On December 5th Pantone selected emerald as 2013’s colour of the year. I’ve banned myself from buying anymore nail polish – at least until I’ve reviewed all the ones I own – but one shade I’ve been desperate to try is emerald. Emerald is HUGE right now. It’s so huge it has to duck through doorways and take the exit seats when flying. Well it was huge. It’s been around for over three months now, aged a bit and without realising developed a slight stoop. But it’s still pretty bloody big.

Pantone Colour of the Year

Pantone Colour of the Year

Even though we’re seeing more nude nail trends, I wanted to try emerald dangnamit. So after asking politely, Mode Cosmetics said they’d send me a bottle and when they did I was all like:

By the way, loving the emerald ring J-Law.

Rest assured, at My Fair Lipstick our reviews aren’t biased, but honest opinions – freebie or not.

Brand: Mode Cosmetics

Cost: You can get it at selected pharmacies or online through Heritage Brands for $2.45. Two dollars forty-five! Say whaaat?!


Would make for a great Easter treat

Colour: Party Girl. This name is very ironic, considering my toddler and I have been mostly housebound with gastro this week.

It’s knock-your-socks off bright with a dash of pretty shimmer. It makes a statement without having to put five exclamation marks at the end. In fact, I’ve had more positive comments this week about my nails than I have wearing any other colour in the half-decade span of my nail polish addiction.

There’s a good chance it will clash with a few of your outfits. This can be a good thing if, like me, you have matchy-matchy tendencies.

Mode Cosmetics Party Girl - emerald green nail polish

No matchy matchy

A few days in I started wondering if my mani was too loco when I saw a facebook post by Drew Barrymore’s new make-up line, Flower Cosmetics. She was about to go on Jimmy Fallon wearing the exact same colour as mine. The gregarious star has always represented vibrancy and fun to me without being garish. Emerald is a winner.


Verdict (Yay or Nay): Move over Natio Little Treasures, I think I have a new obsession. These little bell-shaped bottles are pretty cute. And, at $2.45 you get a good bang for your buck.

Even though I like to do two coats (and did for this post), the formula is quite opaque and only needs one. It’s surprisingly durable for a cheapie and has lasted me five days.

Day 5

Day 5

In fact, it’s so durable it has foiled my blogging plans. I was going to take it off after a couple of days and try Mode’s minty Cool As and do a combined post on green nails, but I can’t bring myself to end my love affair. So you’ve probably guessed, this product gets a big fat YAY from me. Turns out when I had some girlfriends over last night they all wanted green nails too. It’s a YAY all round.

(c) Blair Rasmussen

A flock of green with one black sheep © Blair Rasmussen

Tell us in the comments below if you’ve tried emerald nails before. What are you wearing this maniday? 

2 thoughts on “Maniday: Mode Cosmetics – Party Girl

  1. I LOVE this colour Emma! It’s a pity my nursey nails only hold nail polish for half a day before chipping (that’s no comment on Mode, it’s all nail polishes). Jealous of your great nails. Huge thumbs up for this colour 🙂

  2. Hey Kate,

    How funky is it?! How’s it going on your toes?

    Did you use a top coat on your fingers? There’s a little trick where you swipe the top coat across the nail to “seal” it. I do a lot of washing bottles (without gloves), rinsing out drink containers, wiping baby’s mouth and bum and the top coat seems to really help. Although I know your work means you use your nails A LOT! Hehe. x

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