Australis Stayput Liner in Envy

Australis Stayput Liner in Envy

This week I was hit with a stomach bug. It was one of those nasty one-and-a-half dayers. So, when I was ready to face the real world, I decided to not just feel green but go green. First I did my nails – because having colour on my fingers always cheers me up. Next up I needed something to counteract those bloodshot eyes. I discovered a quick and easy way to add a bit of oompf to a drained face is with Australis Stayput Liner – it’s super fast and easy to use.

Emma Salkild's pic of Australis stayput liner in Envy

Price: I got mine from Kmart. You can also find it for $10.45 at Priceline, or shop online. Also, the purple shade (Vixen) is selling on the Australis website for $5 at the moment – score!

Colour: Turquoise – I love this colour and I think it really suits my eye shade. I orginally bought it hoping I could wear it for my Australia Day look but realised it’s just got too much blue in it.

Verdict (Yay or Nay): It’s really smooth, soft and easy to apply. Crumble is something you should serve with apples, not in your make-up and I’m happy to say that this product is crumble-free.


You can easily smudge it if you’re after a smokey eye. I found it irritating on my waterline but keep in mind I have sensitive eyes and wear contacts.

It’s also a wind-up pencil so you don’t have to bother with sharpeners. Another win for the lazy-lady in me.

I’d definitely buy this product again and I’m keen to try different colours. Yay!


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