Hair Hang-Ups

“The grass is always greener on the other side,” is a proverb that wraps up exactly how I feel about my hair. On the weekend I saw Belvoir Street’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Jacqueline McKenzie was, of course, superb. But as soon as she burst out from those streamers in her bra and knickers I couldn’t take my eyes off her hair.

Kacqueline Mac

Jacqueline McKenzie

Her style was cropped just below the ears with a little wave at the ends. I loved the chunky, playful texture. It just seemed more fun. I kept wondering, “is it naturally like that, or does it have sea salt spray in it? Because I would definitely dust off my sea salt spray if I had short hair, right?”

When I have short or shoulder-length hair I envy the long-haired lassies. More often than not I’m lusting after long locks than short ones. My problem with growing my hair long is my contempt for split ends. One little fork and chop chop chop.

Besides a disdain for split ends, another issue with growing hair long is pregnancy. Lots of women get the urge to snip away because they feel a short do will be easy to maintain once they are sleep deprived with a newborn. Also, let’s not forget about the hair loss involved with having babies. About three months after I had my son, my hair literally came out in clumps – it felt like I was Christine Taylor from The Craft, that poor bitchy chearleader. At about six months it looked really strange because I had tiny horns sticking out the sides of my head. But now I’m happy with it. My regrowth isn’t so noticeable and it’s at that length where it feels nice when it rubs against my bare back – that sounds saucier than I intended.

Circa 2006

Me with short hair – circa 2006

But boy, when I was in that theatre I was overcome with hair envy. I haven’t felt that way for ages. Do I really want short hair? Or is this a case of wanting what we don’t have?

But my biggest hang-up is without a doubt, the fringe. Constantly I am asking myself “to fringe or not to fringe”. I cut it and grow it and cut it and grow it. I grew it out when I got married because I didn’t want to risk a fringe blowing around on a boat while swapping vows. Then I had my baby and I thought it would be too much maintenance. Now I want it again, to cover up some of my wrinkles and so I don’t have to stress as much about my eyebrows.

My history of “the fringe”


But then I think about how it is probably easier to forget the fringe, and not always be planning trims or having spiky ends sticking into my eyeballs when I haven’t made it to the hairdresser. Also, I dread the “growing-out” stage, where you have to pin it back or to the side or wear headbands or hair scarves all the time

That awkward “growing-out” phase 


So now that my hair is finally the length I want it, I’m getting bored and I want a change. But as I can’t make my mind up, I’m just going to sit it on it and perve on all the short-haired, fringey women out there until  I make up my mind.

What are your hair hang-ups? And do you have any solutions?

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