Maniday: Natio – Lemon

It’s maniday. Every Monday we like to share what we’re wearing on our nails and why.

Natio lemon yellow nails

Brand: Natio

Colour: Lemon from their Little Treasures range. This colour is so much fun. It’s bright, unusual without being OTT and surprisingly complements more outfits than one would expect. In fact, the colour is its saving grace and while I wouldn’t buy this again, I’ll definitely use up the bottle.

Cost: $5.95 from Myer, David Jones and various chemists. Or shop online.

Why we love it: It’s vegan, Australian owned and formaldehyde free.

Inspiration for Fox in Flats style dare

Inspired by Fox in Flats style dare

Why I’m wearing it: I’ve been coming in and out of the Fox in Flats style dares but as soon as I saw yellow in this month’s challenge I went straight to Myer before you could say, “obsessed much”. FYI, I’ve now got 8 of the 23 colours and I’m trying to hold off buying anymore, but it’s sooooo hard. Tangerine, please be mine.

Verdict (Yay or Nay): With Natio’s top and bottom coat this mani has lasted me six days. But even with the cute colour and long-lasting quality, I’m afraid this is a nay. Main reason is, it’s just too streaky and difficult to use. I can’t blame it on the brand because I’ve been so happy with Natio’s maple and fuschia. Unfortunately, this colour comes out uneven, showing the brush strokes. I first noticed it when I did my Australia Day nails and I thought I might be in need of a good buffing (that sounds ruder than I intended). So attempt two happened one evening when my friend Chloe came around to cook me dinner. We both ended up with patchy, uneven nails – even after three coats – Yikes!

Day 6 = long lasting

Day 6 = long lasting

I’m putting it down to pastels having too much white in them. I met up with another friend on the weekend and her orange toes were looking uneven too. Chloe’s flattie also owns a pastel orange that comes out streaky. After a quick google search I learnt from Primped and Examiner that yes, ladies around the world are struggling with their pastels.

Like I said, I’m pleased with the colour and would wear it again but I’m not happy enough to buy a new bottle once this one carks it.

Chloe's pretty fingers

Chloe’s pretty fingers

Not only is Chloe one of the most stylish people you will ever meet, she is a genius in the kitchen. For some wicked recipes served up with rocking tunes, check out her blog The Honey Log.

What are you wearing? Have you ever had any problems with pastel yellow? And more importantly, got any solutions?

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